Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Books we're reading this week

Princess has been in "Science Girl" mode lately, so our library selections
have reflected that.
I found a wonderful book called A DROP OF WATER by Walter Wick
on Cher Mere's blog.
I thought I would get some ideas to use down the road, but Princess
has asked me to read it several times to her. Go figure.
Why is the Sky Blue? and other outdoor questions by Catherine Ripley and illustrated by Scot Ritchie
has been sitting on our coffee table for a couple of weeks. Princess likes the drawings and "getting her right answers".I like the way they answer the questions.
The next two were chosen by Princess from the backs of other books we had out.
She often turns books over to see if they "recommend" another book she should read. ;-)
They are both, "Read and Find Out Science Books".
Evolution by Joanna Cole illustrated by Aliki which she found fascinating and
My Visit To The Dinosaurs by Aliki
which describes a family going to the museum
to see the dinosaur skeletons, made us want to drive right to The American Museum of Natural History
and check it all out!
thunderboom! Poems for Everyone by Charlotte Pomerantz with pictures byRob Shepperson
The cover was more well received then the poetry in our house, but the poems were perhaps a little too long for Princess.
All in Just one Cookie by Susan E. Goodman and illustrated by Timothy Bush was a lot of fun for me,
Princess just wanted to make cookies! It has been too hot to turn our oven on here, so perhaps we'll take this back out when it is cool out. I really enjoyed this book with it's explanations of where everything in a cookie comes from.Example "butter starts with a hungry Vermont cow...." we also enjoyed the pictures.

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