Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Celebrating Peter Pan

We had a great day today. Princess spent some time helping
me around the house and then she went to visit her cousin
for a couple of hours. After I picked her up we decorated cupcakes
and made an iced coffee for me and a milk shake for her and settled down to
watch Peter Pan.I always freeze some cupcakes when I make a big batch so
she can have one when the mood hits her. I realized this morning that I brought the book back to the library
last night in error. I'll have to get it back out so we can finish it.
We spent a couple of hours playing with her doll houses after the movie was over.
A very pleasant afternoon.Here are a couple of pictures of her enjoying her afternoon
treat.I did try to get her to dress up in her Tinkerbell costume, but she wasn't in the
mood to change out of her clothes and be
"itched about" by the " tink dress". ;-)


Angela, MotherCrone said...

I mentioned your plans to Girlie an she sat wistfully remembering her early homeschool days. She wants to do things just like this as soon as we are done for the year! How lovely that hse enjoyed her childhood so much she wants to relive it as a tween!

nina said...

Sounds like you both had a lovely day. I sure do wish we had a few cousins nearby. :) That is a great idea about the cupcakes. I wish Citcat would just want one. She would not be content if she knew there were more in the house.

Kaber said...

Wow... I need to make a list of things I want to do... make cupcakes, read Peter Pan, and a whole slew of other thngs.

Movie and a cupcake! great!-- and with a milkshake!

I don't blame her about the dress.... I am never in the mood to be itched about...

Kate in NJ said...

Angela, I hope Princess will too!

Nina, It is nice, but the cousin in question will be 18years old this month.
Her cousins range in age from 25 years old to almost 4 months old!
Unfortunately the 3 youngest (P is the 4th youngest) live the furthest away!
K.- We will be making bread get ready,lol.

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Plato said...

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