Thursday, May 10, 2007

National Clean Your Room Day!

In honor of today being "National Clean Your Room Day", Princess and
I had been planning on spending today cleaning her room at least, if not mine too.
Instead we went to a friends house to have lunch and play in the backyard.
It was hot and sunny and tomorrow is supposed to bring rain.
We usually clean the house on Friday anyway, so we'll just spend more time in her room.
I was hoping to get everything clean so Farmer Dad can put the screens in the windows
and her "summer" curtains could go up.We also like to move the toys and books around seasonally.
Put books about snow away and books about the garden and beach out where she can grab them.
We still have to switch our clothes too. So much to do.I know there are plenty of toys to be sold or given away
as well. She is growing and maturing more every day. Is it pathetic of me not to want her to give up her
"toddler toys" just yet? I know there are many wonderful things ahead of us as she grows older...
I get excited about things I read on Angela's
blog, or
and yet, I don't want to lose this end of babyhood, my little preschooler.
When I see pictures of her from last year or a couple of months ago, I see how much she is growing and changing right now. It makes me just a little bit sad.
That's not to say I don't enjoy that she can set the table and sort the laundry now.
I love her learning how to read and write and take care of things on her own.
But I also know she will need me less and less with each passing year, but I'll never stop
needing to be needed. Now I'm growing maudlin, so I'll sign off. Maybe I can convince my little
Princess to play with me or sit in my lap for a story.
Go clean your room! ;-)

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Cher Mere said...

Thank you for linking to me.

I get totally sad when it hits me that Z is growing up. It breaks my heart. That is why I treasure our daily morning snuggle time so much.

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Plato said...

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