Monday, May 7, 2007

It wouldn't be Monday if

I didn't post about books.

The Compost Heap
by Harlow Rockwell this is a very simple book about
composting.I thought it appropriate because Princess and her Dad had spent
part of the day moving one of our compost piles together.

Who Lives in an Alligator hole?-Lets-Read-Find-Out-Science
written by Anne Rockwell and Illustrated by Lizzie Rockwell.
Princess has an interest in Alligators so this was a natural pick
for me at our library this week.She enjoyed both the information
about the alligators and Lizzy's illustrations.

Mama's Perfect Present by Diane Goode is a delightful accidental find .
My daughter loves almost anything French.And the colorful Parisian
scenes depicted in Diane Goode's paintings are worth checking out this book alone.
The story is a funny one about two children and their dachshund searching all over Paris
for the perfect birthday present for their Mama.

Girls A toZ by Eve Bunting with Illustrations by Suzanne Bloom
Princess loved all the possibilities of what she could be when she grows up,
and it opened up a conversation as lively as the illustrations in this book here at our house.

Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas
is a delightful sequel to an all time favorite at our house, Muncha,Muncha,Muncha .
I saw it on Nina's blog a while ago and had to wait for it to be available at our library.
Why I didn't just order it, I don't know, because we will have to own this book as well!
The pictures are fun and so is the story!

Celebrating Poetry Month in April got us hooked around here (or re-hooked in my case)
so I couldn't resist picking up Once Around the Sun by Bobbi Katz with Illustrations by LeUyen Pham
One poem for every month of the year with some lovely multicultural pictures.

I took out Table Manners by Chris Raschka mostly for the illustrations by Vladimir Radunsky
simply because they did not have BECAUSE by Mikhail Baryshnikov which also has illustrations by Vladimir Radunsky in it. I was not crazy about Table Manners, although we did like the little section in the back where they tell you how to say "Please and Thank You" in a few different languages.

Finally we have The Egg by M.P. Robertson. A delightful story about a little boy who finds a huge egg under his Mother's favorite chicken and when a dragon hatches from it, he tries to teach him "dragony ways".
Princess especially loved the part where .."Every evening, as all good mothers should, George read the dragon a bedtime story."

Now, I implore you...go read to your child today. Find a shady spot, or a sunny spot
or any spot that appeals to you and snuggle up and read!


Kaber said...

I really do need to read to them..... thanks

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I can't tell you how much these little picture book posts intrigue me. You can only imagine how oddly the local librarian looks at me as I now wander those stacks again. Thanks!

nina said...

I just book marked Compost Heap and Mama's Perfect Present. I love Diane Goode's illustrations. There is a new manners book coming out entitled Please is a Good Word to Say by Barbara Joosse. The illustrations look charming. So many manners books introduce the negative. Citcat is to easily influenced for me to read anything that shows bad behavior. I am looking forward to this new book.

I liked the Bobbi Katz book but I had a different expectation from the title. I love the idea that each year we take a trip around the sun. And Tippy Tippy Tippy Hide is a crazy favorite at our house. We really must return it to the library.

Kate in NJ said...

K-:-)Thanks as always for visiting!

Angela- I'm just glad I finally have someone to read all these beautiful
picture books to!;-)

Nina- I agree on the Bobbi Katz!
And I'll keep an eye out for the
new book by Barbara Joosse.Thanks!

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Plato said...

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child's natural bent .