Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What we did on Wednesday

Princess and I were still in a joyous mood from Tuesday,
so we got right to work Wednesday morning.
After checking what the Tooth Fairy left under her pillow.

Yes, she finally lost a tooth!

Right before we went to vote
Tuesday night...we were all so excited.
We did a bit of math (addition and subtraction),
she practiced her penmanship by writing her name
on yet more thank you cards. She practiced writing her full name.
She read me a book..and very well too.
She worked on her vocabulary words, by writing them
and using her
wooden letters to spell them.

We read Why Do Leaves Change Color?
and then went outside to gather leaves to make leave rubbings.

We had mixed success with our rubbings,
and then decided to paint a "thankful tree"
on our back door.

We will cut out our leaf rubbings today and keep them in a basket by the door.
Whenever Princess thinks of something else she is thankful for, we will write it on a leaf,
and tape it on our tree. She already has quite a list. ;-)
We love spending time in this room at this time of year. Watching the trees change color,

reading, having our "tea". Rubbing warm kitty bellies and watching the fish and crabs
enjoy their little worlds. We have plans to make some curtains for this room to keep it warmer
in the winter.We have a small heater we use, unfortunately, that means we have to see it, but it keeps us warm in all it's "ugliness". I would do without it, but the crabs and the fish need it to survive in the cold temperatures.


Frankie said...

I love your tree and leaf rubbing idea. How clever, how positive, and how fun!

I've started keeping a gratefulness journal, and it helps me stay positive. I need to think something up that would suit my 13-year-old boy and keep him looking for the positives in life as well.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting a lot here, but I still read and your blog still makes me smile.

You're just one of those people I wish I knew in real life. You could teach me to garden and how to take care of its yields, and we could go vintage shopping together.


Mrs. Darling said...

One thing about Oregon is that you dont have all the vivid colors that other states do. So when we see a colored tree we about scream with our delight!

That room does look cozy but goodness, how could you do with out heat? I am always cold!

Jenny said...

We're feeling pretty joyous around here ourselves. :o)

I've tried leaf rubbing with CJ a few times, and she just doesn't seem to "get it". I have a feeling she'd enjoy painting the tree though!

sarah p said...

Congratulations to P on losing her tooth! It's a special moment.

Cher Mere said...

The Thankful Tree is very cool. I like how you are using it.

Princess looks to studious in some of those pictures.

I love sitting on my porch too! I like how you use all the space.

zilla said...

Wonderful "thankful tree." What will you come up with next?

I've got a heater on (in?) the 3-season porch for the bunnies. It's ugly and the bunnies don't need it; it just makes the Eenas feel better :-)

Melissa said...

Alright, I'm stealing your Thankful Tree idea. I have just the right glass crayons and just the right sliding door for it. You guys are so creative! Aren't you sad for me that I can't get my own darn ideas by now??? LOL!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love your thankful tree and I wuill try to copy this. I would love to come have tea and cuddleup. How cozy.

Tara said...

We have a thankful tree too:)
Owen just lost a tooth and he was so mad at me for "helping" him get it out. Oh... the drama!!

reprehriestless warillever said...

Fall fun!

Everyone has been down with colds for the past week or so, so we haven't gotten out much. I am the latest "casualty."

Still haven't gotten the Thankful Tree set up...

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