Monday, November 24, 2008

Group Unplugged Project..Thankful

is Thankful this week.

I am going to cheat and talk about our Thankful Tree.

We do not have a great deal of wall space here in our
tiny little corner of the Garden State, so we used the
storm door on our porch/ school room. Normally at this
time of year we spend a lot of time out there, but it has
been down in the thirties already, so we have not been out there
as much. We have been keeping up our Thankful Tree, we just do it

and come back inside. I used regular brown tempura paint
mixed with just a little water. Princess and I made leaf rubbings
one day a while ago, and we cut them out to use on our tree.

I keep them in a basket next to the door, along with a silver metallic
sharpie and a roll of tape.

If you want an easier template for leaves,
try the Toymaker for some lovely ones.
I hope that you will take a moment to visit Mom Unplugged
today, and see what all the participants have done this week.
Maybe, just maybe, you will be inspired to add your link and join in.
Either way, I think you will be Thankful that you stopped by..
just like I am Thankful that you stopped by here!


Anonymous said...

Love the tree. It is wonderful that P can paint it herself and the leaf rubbings are a great idea. Thanks for the link to the leaves on Toy maker.

I'm going to try something different this year that is if I get my act together. I'm going to help Cate make watercolor paper, cut into cards, add glitter and reason to be thankful. And then keep them in a dish on the table. I saw the diea on Beauty That Moves (the post about her daughter preparing a celebration for their weeding anniversary.

Yelli said...

That is a lovely idea and something one can do all year round to remind us to be thankful!

rae said...

Love. That. Idea. Thanks for sharing your tips as well as the great photos.

sarah p said...

The tree looks beautiful, luminous, against the door. I love it.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

this is a wonderful Idea.. I remember my grade school having painted windows, but I have never thought of doing it at home!! you are so smart!! it looks like it is glowing

Gottfredsen said...

Not to surprised that you came up with such brillant idea. I am going to have to have the boys do this sometime.

zilla said...

I love the Thankful Tree.

Did I mention that on OHQ Clean-Out Day, I took on the task of cleaning the red, white, and blue tempera paint from the front windows?

Big fun.

Hint: when the time comes, spray with plain water, then go at the softened paint with a widget or single edge blade, wiping the paint-scuz off the widget as you go, THEN clean the window as usual with your vinegar & water or whatever you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely, I'm thankful you shared. Giggled at how you said you put the leaves up quickly because of the temperature.

Tara said...

The light through the tree is stunning. This looks like such a fun activity!

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