Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Thursday

We interrupt this previously scheduled programming for
a last minute substitution aka:Farmer Dad Takes a Vacation Day!
I am not sure what today will hold for us, Farmer Dad has a bunch of
days he needs to use up, and will be taking them as the work load allows.
Today being one of them. Princess will be very excited to see him when she gets up,
and hopefully we can do something fun and unexpected to make good use of this last minute
Vacation Day. I will be back on Friday with some more spectacular "bloggy-ness" to share.
Meanwhile visit some of the lovely gals in my blog roll for some good reads, or kick back
with a cup of whatever and read a good book to your littles.Enjoy your day!


Steph said...

Lucky you! I would love for Doug to play hooky, but that's not quite possible for teachers :( Have fun!

Nina said...

You are so lucky. My dh would never do that. Have fun.

Come visit me, my post didn't show up on Google Reader. Grrr....

zilla said...

Can't wait to hear how Princess rolls on Daddy's day off ! Hope the day was grand!

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Plato said...

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