Saturday, November 8, 2008

GREEN UP Saturday !

I was visiting my blog friends Yesterday, when my friend B,
got my attention.Being the great re cycler that I am,(LOL) I decided
to expand on her idea a bit and use it for my GREEN UP Saturday post.

Do you have a bunch of art work from your littles too precious to toss,
but without adequate storage space? How about "recycling" some of
that special artwork into Veterans Day gifts? Don't know any actual Veterans?
Call your local retirement home, VA hospital or Veterans personal preference
would be the AMVETS (That was Poppa's was a Commander of his post while alive), but any will do.
Deliver a stack to the nearest and dearest to show them we appreciate all they did
for their country. I am also going to ask you to remember our veterans by writing,
calling or e-mailing your government representatives to let them know that you want them to
take care of all the veterans.Budget cuts are coming in these hard economic times folks (we all know that),
make sure our Veterans can still depend on the country they served to provide them with the adequate health care they were promised.
Now I am going back to mulching my leaves (they should never EVER go to the landfill people..seriously!!)
so we can have an even GREENER yard in the coming seasons.

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