Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Books, just because it's Tuesday....

Here we go...
I am sure some of you have read and discussed this book,
but it was on display at our library, and so I took it home..

Little Boy
We really enjoyed it! This book was fun to read, with great illustrations from
Peter H Reynolds (The Dot, Ish).Princess loves how every few favorite things is a "big
cardboard box"..so up her alley.Her greatest desire is to give every little child she knows
a BIG cardboard box for their birthday or Christmas. LOL
It is always her suggestion for the gift idea.She can come up with 8,000 great things to do
with a cardboard box.If you have a little boy..you need to get this book. If you don't..you should probably get it anyway..if your little girl doesn't like it as much as mine..find a little boy to give it to.
I am going to buy one for my newest nephew. He has a shaggy head of dark hair like the boy in the book.
Even though he is only 3 months old.

Another good book, At Night.

We really enjoyed this little book, the illustrations are so very...friendly.
The story is about a little girl who can't get to sleep in her bed while hearing her family
all sleeping around her in their apartment. She decides to get up and go sleep on the roof.
Princess noticed that her Mom hears her and follows her up even though she stays in the
background quietly and unnoticed. She especially liked the last picture of her Mom with a
hot cup of whatever watching the sun come up from a chair next to the sleeping girl.

Too Many Toys made us giggle. (Don't all David Shannon books?)
Princess had to agree she too, has too many toys.We especially loved the part where he steals the box
his Mom is loading up with toys to get rid of, so he can play with that.
I did mention she loves big cardboard boxes, right?

The Day the Stones Walked is a book for slightly older children.This book provides a
glimpse of what might have happened on Easter Island, and what might yet happen on our own
larger island called Earth.A young boy is sent by his mother to alert his stone carving father
that "a Great Wave is coming".His father is too busy carving a face on one of the giant moai
to get to safety.The boy, Pico, worries about his father as he sees the Tsunami hit, and wonders
if the old stories are true, will the stones walk? Save his father?He learns the surprising answer
in this story, but I won't ruin it for you. ;-)
Princess really enjoyed this book, more than I thought she would.(I confess, I brought it home for me)
The illustrations are pretty captivating.Reading this lead us to a wonderful discussion about deforestation
and how it effects the planet as a whole.
If you are looking for a giggle or two more, pick up

Farley Found It! I found this on the bookshelf at my library totally by accident.
I was looking for another book, pulled out something by that author, and saw the cover of this one.
I knew it had to come home with us! It is a goofy tale about a sheep named Farley,who likes his life, except at night, (he's afraid of the dark). His sleep improves when he discovers Edna the dog's dog house.
Edna moves her house all over the farm trying to hide it from Farley, but, as you may have guessed
from the title, Farley keeps finding it!
Princess loved the solution they came up with, and I think you will too.
So get to your local library, and take some of these out.Your library doesn't have it? Ask them if they can get it for you. Like it so much you want to buy it? Consider using my "bookstore" link on the right side bar.
I get a nickel or two for every 8 billion books I convince others to buy.
Help defray the cost of our book habit. ;-)

We have some really good books out for Thanksgiving, I will get a post up about them on Friday.


8)(8 said...

This a coincidence, but Ami saw "Too Many Toys" in the bookstore yesterday and she said that it was the same author of Alice the Fairy, a book her grandmother gave her a few years ago. She thinks they are funny. She also likes Fancy Nancy especially the Pappion one.

Mrs. Darling said...

Lovely list as usual!

Nina said...

Little Boy is a winner but Cate didn't seem to warm to it like P. Cate isn't as imaginative. I'll try it again with Si in the future.

I didn't know David Shannon had a new book out. Thanks.

I ordered Someday through your store. Isn't that a coinicdink? lol. It should arrive in a couple of days. Now I'm going to go and check out all your selection with my library browser open and ready. ;)

Jenny said...

You've got some good ones out this week! I hope that our library has "Little Boy" as I'd love to see what CJ thinks of it. I also thought "At Night" looked really good, too- it's definitely something about the illustrations!

Gottfredsen said...

As usual great books. I am going to have check at the library for some, now that our branch is open again! Yeah!!!

Tara said...

Ooh.. there are a couple of books in your list that we'll be putting on our library list!!Thanks for these great book posts ;)

Brit said...

Thanks for your book posts, Kate. I always refer back to your site when I need to make my list. In fact I even was at the library yesterday getting on the internet specifically to go to your site because I wanted to check back and make sure I got all the ones I wanted.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

hey kate who is the author for the book little boy, i keeo looking for it but cant find it! thanks jasmine in ca

Kate in NJ said...

Jasmine- Little Boy is by Alison McGhee with illustrations by Peter h. Reynolds..it is in my humble opinion..well worth a search. ;-)

Nina- ((big hugs)) P got the book Yesterday..and she is so excited!

Brit- Thank you so much for coming back and leaving such nice comments. ;-)
I am glad my book posts are helpful..I am always searching the blogs for another great book. lol

You are all a big part of my inspiration day in and day out.
We have some fun things planned for the next few weeks..I hope you'll all come back. ;-)

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