Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Books

I promised a Thanksgiving Book themed post, and here it is..

We Gather Together
This book is a lovely collection of all the traditions
around the world that take place in Autumn to
celebrate the harvest season and how they relate to
the American Thanksgiving.It has great craft and activity ideas and links
to learn more too.

Thanksgiving Treat
This is a charming story about a little boy who is too little
to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner.His Grandpa finds him
a way to help..gathering chestnuts from a nearby tree.
They all roast them on the fire together.

Thanksgiving is Here!
This book starts off with..When the sun comes up at Grandma's house...
the Thanksgiving turkey goes into the oven..and then the doorbell rings.
All sorts of fun ensue as the family gathers together
to celebrate the holiday.
The sofa and piano get moved aside to make room for the big table.The chairs don't match,
but nobody minds...
We all have a place at the table.
Everyone helps put everything back, and they go home knowing they'll all be back.
Very nice book with delightful pictures.

Arthur's Thanksgiving
Arthur's class has to put on a Thanksgiving play,
The Big Turkey Hunt.
Mr Ratburn picks Arthur to be director.
His first job is to assign parts. No one wants to be the turkey.
In the end, when the turkey is supposed to appear, Arthur turns to find
an entire flock of turkeys on the stage as they all come together to recite
the line.."The Turkey is a symbol of togetherness and Thanksgiving!"

The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
Papa and the cubs are feeling down because
Halloween is over and Christmas is a ways off, when
Mama Bear reminds them that Thanksgiving is coming.
This cheers them up, but not in the way she hopes.Instead,
Papa Bear gets wrapped up in competing for best pumpkin
in the town's Thanksgiving Festival.
They are upset when their pumpkin does not come in first, or even second place,
but on the way home Mama Bear finally gets them to understand that Thanksgiving
is about giving thanks, and they have a lot to be thankful for.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving One of our favorites.Mr and Mrs Moose are getting
their home ready for Thanksgiving with their friends.
Mrs Moose wants a "real turkey" for her table.
Mr Moose sets off to find one, all their friends join
in as he "hunts" for one with helpful hints like,"we saw one down by the river.."
Soon they have a real "hunting party" and find the turkey's nest.
The Turkey does not want to come out and join them, but he is given little choice.
The entire party hand delivers him to Mrs Moose, who greets him warmly,
sits him at her fine table, and tells him she hopes he finds everything to his taste.
"You are so kind to worry about my taste,he says,"I'd thought you'd be worrying
about how I'd taste." Mr Moose smiles and says "It's so nice to have friends around the table at Thanksgiving."
Of course Turkey agrees.."It's even nicer to be at your table instead of ON it." ;-)


Sara said...

Nice picks! I'm going to look for a few of those to add to my basket (which was already full - but you can never have too many holiday books, right?)

My Inspired Heart said...

Thanksgiving Is Here sounds like such a great book! I'm going to note it down for my visit to the library today. I hope they have it! Have a great weekend, Kate!

Nina said...

Thanksgving Treat is wait for me at the library. I ordered after seeing it on your Amazon list.

Thanksgiving is Here depresses me because I don't have that kind of family. Actually I find Thanksgiving generally depressing because we are on our own without any family. But I do love Diane Goode's illustrations.

The Autumn solistice book has lovely illustrations. I enjoyed it but found it a bit disjointed.

As you can se, I "fixed" my computer all by myself. :)

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