Friday, November 14, 2008

Celebrate Geography Awareness Week

November 16–22 is Geography Awareness Week, and My Wonderful World is hosting a

week-long activity guide designed to get you and your kids exploring geography and the world. Check in at every day of the week to see your world in new ways!

Princess and I also plan to use this site
for some more geography this week. Thanks to my gal pal Heather for
coming through with that link...I am still recovering from losing all my
saved "favorites" a while back.((Big Hugs))'re are such a good
friend to me!

I am busy right now planning for the next month when it looks like Farmer Dad
will be home for something like 23 days in a row! That is what happens when you
are too busy at work to take your vacation time. I am hoping to plan it well
enough to take full advantage of his time off for affordable field trips and lots of
"lessons with Dad".

I was a bit concerned I had missed the Unplugged Group Project..again,
but then I saw the theme was SORT,JUNK, and DONATE.
We are so there.We spent a good part of our weekend, taking down old art work
to send to loved ones near and far, reorganizing our school supply cabinets
to better reflect what we use now.

I have also been trying to "clear out" some of the "stuff" filling my basement.
We spent a lot of time Freecycling like crazy this weekend. We also filled bags
for friends..clothes that no longer fit for Peanut, pants that might better fit B.,
who is much more particular about such things, books and little stuffed animals

for one of our favorite local teachers to give out to some children she teaches
who don't have books of their own.Princess finds this shocking and sad.
She is starting to realize how lucky she is to live in a house filled with books.
This past birthday she was lucky enough to get some books she asked for
as gifts. Books we had been borrowing over and over from the library.
She tells me several times every week how very happy she is to now "own" those
books.Last night she was rhapsodizing about her Mermaid book from Nurse M.
(I know you're reading, so this is your "shout out",lol)
So I guess this means I did take part in Mom Unplugged's Group Project this week,
even though I had been too busy to get over there and find out what the project is.
Big Hugs for Heather again for keeping me moving forward. lol
Go to the link to see what everyone else came up with..these ladies are so very creative.
I will be back tomorrow with some books, and some pictures of what we did today.


Gottfredsen said...

Your Welcome! Great Job on sorting. I really should have done that but it is hard to do with the boys. They only want to give away each others stuff, none of their own. So unfortunetly I have to do that by myself.

Cher Mere said...

Awesome website!

I want to go through my stuff to see what I can use.

Cher Mere said...
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Yelli said...

I like your idea of "paying it forward" with books. She really seems to appreciate what she has and I think that is hard to teach...Great job!

Wendy Hawksley said...

How do you find stuff like that Geography Awarenes Week? lol I always find something I've never heard of when I pop by your blog!

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Plato said...

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