Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Plans

Just a bit of the fun December holds for us...we may not cover all of this,or
we may do a lot more. ;-) This month will also be filled with play dates,
cookie swaps,gingerbread houses,teas,family and friends have birthdays,
and there are shows and exhibits to see.

Farmer Dad will have many (many) vacation days this month ,so
we will also have family field trips aplenty.

Monday, Dec 1st Jan Brett's B-Day/ Rosa Parks Day

Tuesday,Dec 2 nd Monroe Doctrine Anniversary 1823/National Fritters Day

Wednesday, Dec 3rd Illinois Admission Day

Thursday Dec 4th National Cookie Day

Friday Dec 5th International Volunteers Day

Sat Dec 6th Saint Nicholas Day

Sunday Dec 7th Pearl Harbor Day/ Delaware Admission Day/In Honor of WendyH.'s B-Day..National Eat Way Too Much Chocolate Day

Monday Dec 8th National Brownie Day/Eli Whitney's B-Day 1765

Tuesday, Dec 9th Ball Bearing Roller Skates Patented 1884

Wednesday Dec 10th Mississippi Admission Day/Emily Dickinson's B-Day/Human Rights Day

Thursday,Dec 11th Indiana Admissions Day

Friday, Dec 12th Poinsettia Day/Pennsylvania Admission Day

Saturday,Dec 13th Dick Van Dyke's B-Day

Sunday, Dec 14th Alabama Admission Day/South Pole Discovered 1911

Monday, Dec 15th Bill of Rights Day/National Lemon Cupcake Day

    Tuesday, Dec 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day/ Boston Tea Party/ Beethoven's B-Day

Wednesday, Dec 17th National Maple Syrup Day/Wright Brothers Day

Thursday, Dec 18th Bake Cookies Day/ NEW JERSEY ADMISSION DAY

Friday, Dec 19th National Oatmeal Muffin Day

Saturday, Dec 20th Louisiana Purchase/ Games Day

Sunday, Dec 21st Pilgrim's Landed 1620

Monday,Dec 22nd Thermometer Invented

Tuesday Dec 23rd Transistor Invented

Wednesday, Dec 24th Christmas Eve

Thursday, Dec 25th Christmas

Friday, Dec 26th Kwanzaa/ National Candy Cane Day/Boxing Day

Saturday, Dec 27th Visit the Zoo Day

Sunday, Dec 28th Iowa Admission Day

Monday, Dec 29th Texas Admission Day

Tuesday, Dec 30th Mercer Mayer B-Day / Rudyard Kipling B-Day

Wed., Dec 31st New Years Eve


patrice said...

I want to celebrate Dick Van Dyke's birthday! How fun. So much to celebrate in December!

sarah p said...

Isn't it great to have a list for the month whether you do all of it or not.Your upcoming weeks look like so much fun - but then, you girls always seem to be having a blast! :-) Glad FD gets to take more part in it this month.

zilla said...

I could've sworn Dec 1 is Teach Farmer Dad to Make Coffee Day?



Maybe so?

Cher Mere said...

I like imagining what you are going to do to commemorate those different days.

Nina said...

Zilla, lol! I wish my dh would learn how to make me a cup of coffee, bring it to me in the morning, wouldn't that be nice.

Kate, this might be a terribly uneducated question but why did so many states enter the Union in December?

Sounds like a great month. Enjoy those vacation days. ;)

Naomi said... have a whole month planned whereas I didn't even know it was dec lol.

i hope we're one of those playdates. i need my daughter to have new things to tell me about princess. b/c ya know i have to hear about her everyday all day.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm also declaring my b'day (Dec. 7) national Eat Way Too Much Chocolate Day. ;-)

Kate in NJ said...

Patrice- we will be watching Mary Poppins and I'm thinking of all kinds of fun
When I was little I loved him..
I called him.."Dick Dick Dyke" and in my family,

Sister S.P.- We'll see..LOL.

z- rotflmbo!! I have tried.

Cher- I'll try to keep you posted ;-)

Nina...from what I understand,
the first 13 states are considered "admitted" on the date that each ratified the Constitution .The others were then "admitted" (obviously later).

Nao- You Betcha! ;-)

Wendy- Duly Noted! ;-)

rae said...

Great list, Kate. I'll be referencing it a lot this month - so many great indulgences on that list!

My Inspired Heart said...

love your list here....sounds like the 16th is my day....anything chocolate covered is reason to celebrate! ;-)

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