Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Books beside my chair

We have a huge stack out on loan from our local library
right now, and I will not have time to tell you about all of them today.
However, since today is Election Day, I will share the following with you...

So You Want to be President?
We both enjoyed this book, filled with facts about all the presidents.
Some of them are quite funny.
Princess has a keen interest in current events, so she's been following
the current election.This book opened up some very interesting
discussion at our house.

We have also been reading A Woman for President

The Story Of Victoria Woodhull,
Princess and I also enjoyed this book, the idea that a woman
was not allowed to vote was absurd to her of course.
The idea that people called Victoria Woodhull evil for
wanting to improve the lives of women even more so.
I thought it sad that when I pointed out how different it
was now, Princess said.."not really, they still said things like that about Hillary."
Hmmm, like I said, she does pay attention to current events.

We also read The Little Yellow Leaf
As the little yellow leaf watches the seasons change all around, it holds on to the branch.Still not ready. Finally, it sees another leaf, a little scarlet leaf up in the same tree. Together, they take the leap and
Into the waiting wind they danced...
off and away and away and away.
This is a lovely book, and perfect for Autumn reading.

The Busy Little Squirrel
caught our eye in the library's book display on
top of a bookcase last week.It just looks cheerful.
All the other creatures ask squirrel to do one thing
or another with them, but Squirrel is too busy.
He had to get ready for winter.
The last illustration of Squirrel inside his nest sound asleep is our favorite.

There you have it.Our little book post.
I need to get going and read to my little squirrel now, why don't you go do the same?
And if you haven't done so already...GO VOTE !!!

I will be back tomorrow with some November plans and some new photos of
our newly organized school area. I will share an award from my buddy Heather,
and some other linky love.Also, if there is a Patty Murphy out there, could you e-mail me?
Pretty please.
I just realized my links are not working correctly, so I will have to fix them later as my computer time is up. Sorry for the tech difficulties.


missy said...

Check out this web site:


Cher Mere said...

We have that presidents book. We also read it this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you love to find books on display. I often find that my library doesn't do a very good job of featuring the best books. So, like the freak that I am, I cherry pick through the stacks and add the books that we enjoyed. :)

Make sure to check out Madame President if you haven't. I have the olderversion discarded from the library. There is a revised verion. It's very good.

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Plato said...

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