Monday, April 7, 2008

Unplugged Group Project

This week's Unplugged Group Project theme is BOOKS !!!
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There are always some seriously creative ideas being shared!

For us, books are an every day thing, and I was not sure where to
start, or end. My mind was spinning out of control with ideas!
I thought I would share an old post about the Name Book
we made with Princess a while ago. She is named after my Mom
and Farmer Dad's Dad as they had both died before she was
born.We made it originally to celebrate Name Day and filled
a scrapbook with copies of pictures of Her Grandma P and Pops N
as well as pictures from her first 4 birthdays. I did not have pics of Pops
at her ages like I did for my Mom, so we used pics of him with Farmer Dad
at that age instead. Princess chose which pics to use and pasted them herself
in the book. I wrote captions explaining what each one was. We also wrote what
her name meant and why we chose the first and middle names we did.
We also have pics of her with each of us and us with our parent and siblings.
She still enjoys looking through it and I hope it will make her feel more connected
to them both as she grows.

The other book I wanted to share a bit about is the Art Book we made using an
art "portfolio". We store all the meaningful art she makes every year in them.
The first time it looked like a flower,face, pics with really cool titles, coloring
sort of inside the lines,finger paints, get the idea.
We could not save every piece, but we send the others to friends and relatives
and use as wrapping paper etc. I do try to get a good pic of bigger projects
just in case the original gets lost.Princess loves pulling out "her own" art book
to show visitors. It sits on the shelf under our coffee table next to some other "art" books.

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Chrissy said...

The name book sounds very special and it looks like it came out very nicely! I'm sure your Princess will cherish it.

And I love the Art Book! What a great hack for storing all of the lovely art work your little one makes...awesome! Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!

Jenny said...

I love P's name book- what a special way for her to get to know her namesakes- she'll have that forever!

The art portfolio is a wonderful idea- I've recently been wondering what on earth to do with all of CJ's artwork, and I think the portfolio is just the ticket. Thanks! :o)

Evenspor said...

I love the name book idea. My son was named after both of his grandfathers. Maybe we will have to make him a name book sometime.

Cher Mere said...

that is a great project. Now I really want to do some with Z!

reprehriestless warillever said...

I love P's name book.

Too many thoughts to put in a blog comment....

Patience said...

Lovely books. It is so important to keep those early masterpieces, you will appreciate it when she is older.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
P sends art work we do not put in the book to family and friends all the time.

divina said...

What a wonderful idea! I'll have to keep this in mind.

Piseco said...

I love these two personal book ideas! The names we chose for our son are farther back in the family but I bet we could think of something special to share... :)

Michie said...

I like the name book idea! I've also been thinking that I'd like to start a portfolio for my daughter - maybe a scrapbook/portfolio with pictures of her doing the art and little blurbs by me about what we are doing. I think it is cute that your daughter likes showing off her portfolio herself!

Mom and Kiddo said...

I think the art book is a wonderful way to display art, so much more accessable than a portfolio envelope. Thanks for the great idea.

Heather said...

I love the name book. It is really precious. The portfolio is a great idea. I might have to put one of those together for each boy.

Amber said...

I love your ideas! I am going to start a portfolio for all of my children! You always have such good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those ideas are wonderful! I especially like the name book. My youngest daughter is named after my mother who died before she was born. What a nice way to make a connection. I think I'll have to make a name book for her too. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I wouldn't have thought of that!

Nature Mama said...

Love the name book :) What a great idea. All of my children were named after family so it would be neat to make one showing them where their names came from :) We have a book similar to your artfolio for our nature artwork to. Thanks for sharing with us,
Nature Mama

Mariposa said...

I love the books. I like the way you put together the portfolio. Ami has one, but I have gotten so far behind in putting her work in it.

amanda said...

Two very special books indeed. Thanks for sharing them so I can be a copycat :)

kim said...

Beautiful, so very special!!!

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