Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Update

We had a nice day hanging out in the yard with Farmer Dad.
High 70's today..or more and sun,sun,sun.
We broke out the yard umbrellas it was so hot in the sun!
We started more seeds, planted some stuff, ate all our meals outside.
We are tired now and awaiting Farmer Dad's arrival home from the
grocery store. Yes, my husband does the food shopping. I love it!
Princess was a little unhappy not to get to ride along, but he's not
willing to take her along by himself to the grocery store.Probably
a smart call tonight. She is tired, and arguments would be likely
in that setting. She is playing nicely with her baby doll in the next room
while I check my mail.I'll try to post pictures, but I think my camera's battery
is dead, so maybe tomorrow.School this week, was very casual. More reading
and gardening and cooking than worksheets.Ah, a good week.


Mariposa said...

My husband does most of the grocery shopping as well even though he travels quite a bit. He stocks us before he goes.

It sounds like it was an enjoyable week and that the weather is improving.

Angela said...

Are you all planting seeds in the ground yet? I filled all the planters with soil and am just antsy to start the lettuces and herbs? We usually wait until Mother's Day weekend for most things, but it is so much warmer this year! What is farmer Dad doing?

Patience said...

I couldn't bear for someone else to do my grocery shopping. I am too much the control freak! Bringing in food and supplies for my family is very much at the heart of my mothering.

I'm glad you had such a lovely week.

Kate in NJ said...

Angela- yes, we have been direct sowing, beets,swiss chard,lettuce,some herbs, carrots,parsnips, and radishes.
Most everything else we have in the greenhouse or on the porch waiting for it to be warmer at night.It was hard to hold off warm out
in the sun.;-)

P- I love having him go for me..he is very good about following my list and will return for forgotten or incorrect items gladly.;-)

M- yes, finally warmth. :-)

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