Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Garden Science

Monday, April 7th was Sweet Potato Day, in honor
of that we did this experiment
We used this book from Princess's Uncle Paul
and Aunt Laurie.They live all the way in California
with their daughters and we miss them very much.
We'll keep you posted of it's progress, or lack there of.
We will be doing more such "garden science" in the days,
weeks, and months to come, and we will share as many
of them as we can here with you.
Today we also planted our strawberry jars and some radishes.
We also saw our pea shoots had arrived and with them a visit
from the Bunny who lives in our yard...I guess he/she is no longer
a Bunny, and is now a Rabbit. Hopefully Farmer Dad will get that
gate back up today before it discovers my pea shoots as well.
He took it down yesterday to make it more sturdy.
Groundhogs were sighted up the road a bit.
We came inside for some math and a well deserved treat for the
farm hand. It was nice to be outside without a coat or even a sweatshirt.
We spent a lot of time outside this weekend, but we're in jackets.


Stephanie said...

We were outside gardening today, too... in California... with our jackets on. Glad someone had nice weather! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Tara said...

Oh.. the strawberry pots look so nice - by far my favorite summer treat.
Glad you enjoyed your day of gardening!

Eric and Wendy said...

I didn't know it was OK to do radishes now! Are carrots OK too? We put in peas, lettuce, broccoli and johnny jump ups!

Mariposa said...

Neat. The bunnies do eat everything even our chiles.

Cher Mere said...

I love reading about your gardening. I like your pots for strawberries too.

Heather said...

I wish I had a yard to plant in. That is wonderful that P gets that experience so young. I try with the boys by using our windowsills. I hope things grow. I look foward to seeing how your sweet potato does. Ours was not so succesful. Maybe we will try again.

Kate in NJ said...

S- LOL, don't worry it will warm up there, and we'll need a jacket again.;-)
Thanks Tara!
E&W- I think the soil needs to be warmer for carrots..we don't start them until Mothers Day...danger of frost has usually past us by then..it should be earlier for you.
M- Here too..not our peppers though.
C- Thanks! I can't wait until you start one!
H- I think the key is to change the water every day until it can be planted. I'm going to try to get a can to plant it in outside..or a big planter so we can get some more sweet potatoes. ;-)

Sara said...

Looking good! Our radishes are coming up, and we just put in our turnips and carrots - planting is so much more fun for them than weeding! I know my little farmers will lose interest once that starts.

chanale said...

I hope your sweet potato experiment turns out well! I saw a project in a book to grow potatoes in a little wheelbarrow and was tempted to try it.

ZILLA said...

I'm intrigued with the strawberry jars. I've seen them planted with everything BUT strawberries. MrZ is a HUGE strawberry fan so I'd kind of like to give this a try. Any pointers?

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