Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a wonderful Birthday I had....

the sun was shining, the house was reasonably clean, I found
a box on the dining room table containing yet another piece of
depression glass for my collection. ((big hugs)) for Farmer Dad!
He already bought me the cups and saucers and two enamelware
canisters over the weekend.(I'll have to post a pic of them)
Princess woke up in a wonderful and very loving mood.
She made me this on the computer while I showered.
I spent the morning baking a cake with my lovely daughter while answering
phone calls from loved ones. Princess did such a wonderful job with my cake...
all I did was help her read the recipe and gently guide her.
She even cracked three of the four eggs by shell!
I did the first one, she didn't tap hard enough. She also stirred
the butter and chocolate at the stove..never did that before. I was right there,
and she was very careful.The only thing I did was put the pans into and out of the oven.
and put the cake on the cake stand. The icing was not really to our taste, but we enjoyed it anyway.
While the cake cooled we had our homeschool open play date. Two new area Mom's joined us
with their children and we all had fun.We came home just before Farmer Dad who arrived moments later
(while we were icing said cake) bearing flowers.Another unheard of treat around here.
We all went to dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant and came home for cake.
More phone calls from family and friends..(thank you all.)Painted a couple of bird houses with Princess
listened to the two of them play me some music.:-)
After cake they presented me with another box with some depression glass plates!
I settled down just in time for the season opener of Deadliest Catch.
How nice of them to start the new season on my birthday!
I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow after such a full and wonderful day.
I am going to try to add a slideshow of the cake making.


Cay said...

I'm so glad you had a Happy Birthday. :)

Aren't April birthdays the best?

Sending more birthday wishes from an April birthday buddy. :)

Heather said...

I am so glad that you had a happy birthday. That was very sweet that P made so much of your cake by herself. She must have been so proud. :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh you're kidding. Last night was the season opener? I missedit!

I also missed your birthday! Hppy Birthday. What a sweet Princess you have!

ZILLA said...

Sounds like the best birthday, ever, Kate!

Frankie said...

Happy Birthday!

I love Depression Glass, too. I only have three small pink plates that were my mom's, but they are so delicate and pretty.

Melonie said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

Patience said...

Happy birthday. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day, you deserve it!

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday!!

Cher Mere said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

That really sounds like a perfect day. I am so happy for you. :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I LOVE the depression glass. And, Princess did a fine job on the cake--it looks delicious!

Mariposa said...

Happy Birthday, Kate. P's cake and card came out great. And your depression glass is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Happy, somewhat belated, birthday, Kate! I can tell you guys have been having some wonderful days lately, and your birthday sounds just prefect. You are truly a great lady, and I hope this year is a wonderful one for you. Many hugs and well wishes from us!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. It is a delight to read about a real and true life well lived. Enjoy the year ahead!

I just updated my blog. Thanks for the push I needed today. ;)

Naomi said...

happy belated bday!

amanda said...

I loved reading this post. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. It's so cool that your husband gave you something for your depression glass collection, that is always so thoughtful when people remember things like that. And a homemade cake made by P must have been a proud moment for both of you.
Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

Jenny said...

I forgot that our birthdays were so close together (mine's the 17th)! It looks like you had a wonderful day, and you beat mine by a mile- I was on the road with CJ for a 4-hour car trip! LOVE the cake slideshow- P did a great job. And so did Farmer Dad! Happy belated birthday!

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