Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Name Day

In Celebration of Namesake Day and Pride in your Middle name Day this week
we have been talking today about the meaning of Princess's name and who she was named after
(my Mom).We also picked out some old pictures to copy and print out so we can make a
scrapbook about her name. We will work on it all week this week.
We will also be reading Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.
Princess had me pull out all her Barbie stuff today and spent a good part of the day
in "Barbie's Fairytopia". We had a great time making dinner together and she even made the whole salad
by herself (I only cut the onion).After dinner, she pulled out her felt boards and we took turn making up stories.


nina said...

Celebrating the Name Day is a wonderful idea. When I first read of your plans I didn't realize how meaningful a celebration of a name could be. Now that I think about it I will do probably do it with Citcat next year. Her middle name is her Chinese name so we could tie in Chinese New Year and such. How to explain her first name....I liked the sound of it, there is an actress that we like with her name. You have a much better namesake story.

Citcat helps me make salad. I think it is a great skill for kids to learn. I, of course, am still doing all the cutting.

Making up stories at the felt board is quite imaginative. That must make you happy. Citcat is just starting to say, "I have a story" and then she says "Once upon a time there was a monkey." That's it but it is a start. You might not know this but we have a band of ten monkeys that follow us everywhere. ;)

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Princess has been making up songs and stories for as long as
I can remember. She is very verbal.
After most books we read, she makes up the sequel and sometimes..it's a musical.lol

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Plato said...

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