Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

Yikes! In Seven Wild Adventures,Who Would You Be?
Five wacky adventures filled with colorful characters, pick your
fave and keep reading to find out how the story ended.
Princess loves a rhyming, fast paced story, and this was a fun read.

Adorable Wearables That Teach Early Concepts
Reproducible patterns for easy to make paper products
that kids can wear. ABC vests,weather mittens etc.
Not really sure how much we would use this, but Princess
picked it out so we will give it a try.

Eight Animals on the Town Ocho Animales
Princess always enjoys books that give words in a foreign language.
This has Spanish laced throughout.It also rhymes..and you know
how we like that. We also enjoyed the art work.

The Perfect Nest
We loved this book! A cat sets up the "perfect nest" hoping
to entice a chicken to lay an egg so he can make an omelet.
His nest looks so good a chicken a duck and a goose all show up
and lay claim to and an egg in the nest. He finally convinces them all to leave
so he can get at the eggs, and the eggs crack. The three little babies decide
Jack the Cat is their Momma and run him ragged until finally they all fall asleep
in what truly is the "perfect nest".
So cute!!

Mom and Me Cookbook Have fun in the kitchen!
I would not have brought it home just because we already
have cookbooks for children and I don't think this one has anything
"special" in it, but Princess picked it out and so we'll give it a try.
The directions look quite simple and easy to follow and Princess
likes the photographs.

Now, what are you reading? For all the Moms with little ones who say they never have
time to read for themselves, this would be a great week to have "reading time"
for you too. Maybe start a "reading hour"? Princess has long ago accepted that Momma
needs her reading time or things get ugly quick around here. Since she still needs my help
more often than not to "read" on her own, I like to read when she is doing puzzles,coloring
or playing with toys.I also read when she is watching a movie, but since this is Turn Off the TV Week...
My point is, make sure your children see you enjoying reading, that is one of the best ways to create
a reader.Really. It's right up there with "read to them every day".


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your books with us! I think it's important for Tatum to see me reading and for her to figure out how to keep herself entertained while I do. Sometimes she sits next to me on the couch and looks through a stack of books while I read. Right now I'm reading Angela's Ashes and Tatum's really into The Little Engine That Could :)

Chrissy said...

You're so right about the little ones seeing us read. It's something I hope to get better at, but with two under two, it's hard to get anything done unless they're both sleeping (and then there's this whole blog thing) :). Thanks for the book recommendations!

amanda said...

How cool that P picked out that very intriguing "wearables" book. Be sure to post a picture if she makes that awesome alphabet vest! :)

And so true about how important it is that we model reading for pleasure and for information. Thanks for the reminder.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals. I wanted to get my book post done tonight because we are hosting another Camp Katie Day here tomorrow starting earlier in the morning then we are ready normally.;-)

Jenny said...

CJ loves all things bird-related, so we'll have to get the Nest book. And the cookbook sounds interesting too- that's something I need to more of with her.

I tend to forget that it's OK for CJ to see me reading- at times I almost feel guilty for reading in front of her, so thanks for the reminder. :o)

Cher Mere said...

We have that Spanish book. We also loved Say Hola to Spanish and Say Hold Otra Vez.

Mariposa said...

Hi, Kate. We have Elya's entire series. We picked them up in Santa Fe several years ago. They are cute books and Ami still pulls them out.

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Plato said...

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