Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camp Katie Day the Earth Day edition.

I hope everyone had a happy Earth Day!
We had a gorgeous day here in the Garden State.
Princess and I spent the day with the daughters of our good friends
having a "Camp Katie Day-Earth Day Celebration".
The girls played on the porch for a bit with the dollhouses,
and then we went outside to play in the yard. I set up a
"reading blanket" under an umbrella with a big stack of library books
and a couple of board games. We brought out a few other fun outdoor
toys like Princess's tunnel and bouncy ball.We read a few books about
recycling and composting and then we used some grey water I had from
cooking potatoes and asparagus for dinner the night before to water the garden.
We also brought the kitchen scraps out to the compost pile and buried them along with
the fruit scraps from our morning snack.
We talked about growing our own food, and taking care of the earth and so many
other things. It was a delight to spend my day with three lovely young ladies
and to watch them enjoy being together. The girls went inside to play dress up and even put on a little "wedding ceremony" Princess is the "husband".
Very "Jersey Guy" with her Giants shirt and khakis.;-) You should have seen them "boogieing down "at the reception! Then we were back outside to play some more and read some more.
After reading Bats on the Beach,they all wanted to go to the beach,
so they played in the sandbox in P's make believe beach.
Here they are playing the Angelina Ballerina game.

Their Mom brought lunch and we all hung out outside enjoying the afternoon in the sun until a bit after Farmer Dad returned home from work.
They really lucked out with good weather for their "spring break" from school.
The three girls separated after only a little bit of whining and a promise of a fun "field trip" together later in the week.Princess was very excited to receive a pair of cool boots one of the girls outgrew and wore them for the rest of the evening. Here she is picking some violets in the grass.


Heather said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful day. I like the wedding very cute.

Patricia said...

What a beautiful day!

Cher Mere said...

What an idyllic day. I love the pictures of them reading and playing on the blankets. Z asked today if she could bring some blankets out but we don't really have any that are good for out of doors. I bet I can find some at Goodwill...

I am looking forward to composting too. I am trying to figure out where to put the bin. I forgot about using grey water too. Good idea!

Eric and Wendy said...

What a lovely day! I must admit, Choclo has been sick the last few days and I had totally forgotten about Earth Day! Maybe I can do it later in the week. If we go by geologic time, I'll scarcely be considered late!

Patience said...

It all looks so delightful. The kind of day mothers like to watch with a smile from the edges. I wish the Angelina Ballerina game had been around when my dd was little, she loved Angelina and still has her Angelina and Alice toy mice with their extensive wardrobe!

Angela said...

This looks like such a great day. When you have the grown up version of Camp Katie, make sure to send me my invitation!! (just don't make me wear a Giants shirt!)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals,
Angela...the shirt was all her own idea..I promise.We have no dress code here! lol

Cher- I put a vinyl tablecloth underneath it vinyl side down and that stops the damp and dirt coming up so much. We pretty much bring any and all of our blankets outside and I just wash them if they are needed back inside right away.;-) If not we store them on the porch for the week as we use it outside and then wash..trying not to wash if not needed.;-)

E& W- Hope Choclo is better!!
Thank you all for your warm comments!! ((hugs))

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love the girls. So different than my son. My son would digging up your whole garden. What a lovely was to spend the afternoon.

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