Friday, April 11, 2008

Picnics and Gardening

Thursday was bright and sunny here in our little corner
of the Garden State.While I finished my coffee,
and read a couple of blogs, Princess went out on the porch with Pumpkin.
Once she was done playing out there, we had breakfast.
We spent most of the day outside after that. We brought a big pile of books and enjoyed a lovely day
in the backyard. We did a little weeding, watched the bunny
bounce around a bit, listened to the birds and watched the crazy squirrels
run and leap and play. We went inside only to make a small pizza for lunch
and bring out fresh drinks and muffins for a snack. We planned and dreamed
and schemed for hours. I read in one corner of the garden while she used her
sidewalk chalk in another. We communicated via our walkie talkies.;-) Princess loves this..
although she shouts to me "listen to your speaker" before she uses them.
We took notice that our peas are larger, our asparagus is coming up and the lettuce and beans look
ready to plant inside the garden.

We took note that the cherry blossoms were about to open

and the ginger was coming back up.
We pulled flowers off the rosemary and tucked it into her hair.
We talked about how we would spend our spring and summer with more outdoor lessons.
Princess loves this, so she is really getting charged up. We talked about the upcoming AG Day and other
spring and summer events we have lined up already. We talked about the next Camp Katie Day and
camping this summer. It was a lovely day.By late afternoon Momma got tired of playing Frisbee, so I pulled out her soccer net and had her "practice" her aim by aiming into the net. Yes, pure genius. ;-)
That got me a couple more chapters read in my book, after Farmer Dad got home we headed inside
to clean up. Momma had a night out at her friend's house and Princess and Farmer Dad went to dinner.
We all met up at home in time for bed time stories and bed.
I hope you all had a lovely day as well.
Farmer Dad took off today, so we'll have a nice family day.


ZILLA said...

Yes, absolute genius!

European ginger, or another kind?

Mrs. Darling said...

Youre little girl is so lucky to have you! We're suppose to reach 70 degrees this weekend. I can only hope!

Jenny said...

What a lovely day the two of you had- I love the idea of using walkie-talkies. I can so see CJ and I doing that in a year or two! Hope you have a wonderful family day!

amanda said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! I love "listen to your speaker"--that is too funny. Send some of that gorgeous sun our way, will ya?
And have a great weekend :)

Heather said...

that is such a great day. P is a very lucky girl to have a day like that with you.

Patience said...

You and your lovely girl have such a beautiful relationship. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you many more fine glorious days of happiness.

Cher Mere said...

Your garden is so big! So is your porch. It looks like a lovely lovely day.

I love the picture with Princess's hair braided.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I feel blessed to have P in my life. (hugs)
Cher- lol, it is too small
for us now..that's why we also have a community garden plot.
F.D. will not dig up the "soccer field" for more garden space! ;-)

Mariposa said...

What a wonderful porch. When I was young one of the houses I lived in had a screened porch; I loved that space.

It sounds like you both enjoy being outdoors together. I love the photo of with the flowers in her braid (Princess is so fair.)

Amber said...

I LOVE your pictures. You take such lovely photos! I love the picture of P.'s hair! It is beautiful! I love your frisbee idea! I am going to try this with Travis. It is a lot smarter than the outside play I do with Travis. I hope he goes for it!

OH! I want to say I just read you book post from last week and I LOVE the activities you included! You are so thoughtful and creative! THanks so much!

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