Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

Here are some good books for this week
In Honor of Earth Day...

Why Are the Ice Caps Melting? the dangers of global warming*
Another Let's Read-And-Find Out Science book.
We have been trying to become more green in our
corner of the Garden State, and this book helps
to explain why.
I appreciate the simple way it explains global warming
and that it gives some solutions,planting trees etc.

Recycle! a handbook for kids*
This book explains some things about what to recycle,
what recycling is and how it's done. Princess finds it all
pretty fascinating and we have been spending some time
lately making sure we are recycling correctly and all the
products we can.Remember, your area may have places
you can drop off certain recyclables that they don't pick up
at your home.

Meeting Trees this is a National Geographic Society book.**
We loved this book with it's lovely story and beautiful nature
paintings.A boy and his father spend time in the woods
learning about nature.We can't wait to get outside and
try to play the name game too.

In Honor of National Library Week and National Turn Off the TV Week..

Library Lil***
This is an original tall tale by real life
librarian and author Suzanne Williams
with Steven Kelloggs funny illustrations.
This little girl read all the books in the children's
section and had to read the encyclopedias by age 8.
(hope this doesn't happen to Heather's boys-lol)

For fun...

Aloha Dolores****
looked too much like fun to not
bring home.Princess hulas all over the house and dreams
of going to Hawaii one day. She would love to bring her cats too.
One day while Dolores is at the store buying cat food, she
sees a display for a Meow Munchies cat food with a chance to
win a luxury cruise to Hawaii.Dolores is convinced that she will win
the trip...she wears her grass skirt everywhere..(this is so much like P I couldn't stop smiling)
she tells everyone she is going to Hawaii.
She is very disappointed when she doesn't win.Her sister Faye, helps her turn
the negative into a positive.A great book about how to handle losing.

A Child Is a Child*****
We loved this sweet story which gives new meaning to
the old saying.."it takes a village to raise a child".
When Mama and Papa frog disapeer, two little frogs
are crying all alone. Mr. Mole,Mr Hedgehog and Mrs Blackbird all agree that someone
should help them, but what do they know about raising little frogs?
Mama Mouse comes along and says
"It's simple, A child is a child. All
children need a place to live and play,good food to eat and someone to love them!"
Mr Hedgehog tells her that frogs eat "insects and worms like me" so she sends him off to
find food for them.Mr. Mole is put in charge of digging them a bedroom and Mrs Blackbird
is sent off to look for a bathtub for their waterbed.With the help of her "village",
Mama Mouse takes good care of the little frogs and her little baby mice.

Want craft ideas/activities to use with these books?
*Look in your pantry and figure out how many packages can be recycled. Figure out a new use for something you were planning on throwing out.

** Go outside and see how many trees in your neighborhood you
can identify, how about drawing them?

***How about making a thank you card for your librarian?

****Make flowers out of tissue paper and string them together to make a flower lei or make your own grass skirt using green crepe paper.

*****Hug your babies! Seriously, who is your village?
Have you thanked them lately? Maybe you could take some of
those many drawings,paintings etc and mail them out to them.


Heather said...

Those look like some great books. I am going to have to check some out. I really want to do something big about earth day with the kids but not quite sure what yet. Oh have you seen at Wal-mart that in the kids books, the plant earth t.v. series is now in book form. They look really neat. I am going to buy some this weekend.

Cher Mere said...

I loved the reviews but I really loved the suggested activities you came up with.

Mrs. Darling said...

Who is your village?

I loved that.

Heather said...

I must be going crazy lately. I miss so much that i read. I just went back and saw your comment about the boys, funny :) They loved that book and if Sam had his way they would be like that. LOL

Jenny said...

I can't wait to see which of these my library has, they all sound so good. LOVE the ideas to go along with them at the end- thanks a bunch!

Melonie said...

Have you read The Library Dragon yet? We've enjoyed that a lot. I had to explain to my daughter that THAT is why I didn't become a librarian - I'd be the Library Dragon with all the children trying to touch "my" books. haha

amanda said...

Great book post! I love the activities, too. You and P are always up to something.

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Plato said...

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