Wednesday, April 2, 2008

International Children's Book Day!

Today is also National P.B.& J. Day!
Princess goes off and on PB&J.
Actually, she loves PB...not so much the J.
We were going to make some and meet up
with friends for a picnic lunch, but it is windy and cool
here, so we're meeting up at a McD's with play area.
We cannot miss out on meeting up, it's our good friend's
21st Birthday (again) and we want to celebrate with her!
Speaking of birthdays, today is also the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen.
and we will be reading THE PERFECT WIZARD by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Dennis Nolan
to celebrate it. Maybe we'll have a late afternoon tea with PB&J....
In honor of International Children's Book Day, here is an itty bitty book post for you

POLES APART Why Penguins and Polar Bears Will Never Be Neighbors
Princess has been enjoying this, book by Elaine Scott.
It is a bit "text book" like for her to enjoy listening to for very long,
but the pictures and subject matter she likes, so I have been breaking it down
into smaller sections for us. We will take it out next year to learn more in depth I'm sure.
There is a further reading and website of interest section in the back of the book
that we will also make use of.

Your Backyard with step- by -step projects for the young scientist
is getting us really excited to get back outside to dig around.
Many are things that we have already done, but we will do again.
Great fun!!

Weather Words and what they mean
It is hard to beat Gail Gibbons for this type of book.
Princess and I love watching shows about the weather,
and I think this will help her understand better some of
what the weather pros talk about.

Down to Earth Garden secrets,stories,and projects.
41 Children's book authors and their favorite garden memories.
We can't wait to try some of the projects!

We were so happy that our library finally got this book in.
We are all about the seeds right now, and this is a lovely book
about them.

I have so many more books to tell you about and pictures to upload,
but our play date awaits and so I will return later to post pics.


Angela said...

OOH! I am going to the library tonight, and I think I will have to spend some time in the children's section! Great reads!

Heather said...

Once again Great list. I am so far behind on putting mine up. I have a lot to put up to. We having been spending alot of time at the library to because our branch is closing for 6 months so we get to keep all the books until nov. 3. I hope to get things posted over the next few days about all of them though. Sorry about the rambling.LOL

Cher Mere said...

I am feeling like you are having a lot of energy. That's great!

Z loves Peanut butter and honey sandwiches. She eats them way too much.

Kate in NJ said...

Angela- you'll really enjoy the
"Down to Earth" book.:-)

Heather- I love when you "ramble"- and can't wait to read your list.

Cher- mmm honey sounds great- P doesn't like it, but I do.
Energy? Seeing the sun does help.;-)

Jenny said...

We're going to have to find the weather book- CWH is a meteorologist! And we really enjoyed A Seed Is Sleepy too. I hope we can find some of t he garden project books you mentioned too- I'd like to find a few simple ones to try with CJ this year. Thanks for the ideas!

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Plato said...

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