Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wierd Wednesday

Princess was asleep by 9:30pm last night and up by 5:30am this morning.
We had some pancakes and saw Farmer Dad off to work.
Then after watching Arthur, she decided she needed a bath.
I decided to ask her what she wanted to learn in March and our conversation
went something like this:
P. "science".
M."what kind?"
P. "lamp skills".
P."OK, How about sheep?"
M."what would you like to know about them?"
P."Do their Mommies let you touch them?"
"oh yeah, and turtles"
P."yes, like do they have skills in their shells."
OK, I'm well aware that I brought this upon myself by asking a 4 year old
what she wanted to learn, but I still don't know what "lamp skills" are and
she won't discuss it any further.
I have decided we will cover the following:

3/1 Pig Day My plan is to read Charlotte's Web by E.B.White all this month until we are finished
for our before bed read.
I also plan to have Princess collect all her toy pigs and we will
count them, sort them by size and she can photograph them.
I will try to get her to write "pig".
Have her color a pig picture.
We may watch Charlotte's Web ,the cartoon version.
3/2 Dr.Seuss's Birthday Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat
I will try to get her to eat Green Eggs and Ham (last year she would not)
We have some fun print outs from
3/6 Name Day (3/4is Namesake Day,3/5 is Fun Facts about Names Day,3/7Learn what your name means Day)
We will talk about who Princess is named for and why.(My Mom)
We will make a scrapbook with pics of them both.(My Mom will be gone 20 years
this summer, so none of them together)
We will look up what her name means.
We will work on her learning to spell her last name a bit.(She's got her 1st name down)
I'm thinking of reading Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.
3/8Middle Name Day(3/9is Middle Name Pride Day)
We will talk about why we picked her middle name (Farmer Dad's Dad).
We will try to teach her to spell it.
Look up the meaning.
3/13 Johnny Appleseed Day
Read Johnny Appleseed: a tall tale/retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg
and another book Johnny Appleseed by Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet
Apple print painting.
3/15 Saint Patrick's Day
I have so many crafts for this day, I'll just let her pick and choose.
I'm thinking of doing a "rainbow hunt" example Go to the red chair to find clue #1
which will send her to "orange hat" which will have clue #2 "yellow sun picture" etc
until we get to clue#6 at the pot of violets or something that color where she will find
some gold coins(candy) "under the rainbow". Still working that one out.;-)
3/20 Spring
Sheep,lambs, read a story about them.(still looking for which ones)
Make a "sheep" craft with cotton balls.
Listen to spring music.(Vivaldi ,Disney Spring Favorites)
Maybe go out and look to see which bulbs have come up if the weather is decent.
3/22 International Goof Off Day/Spring
Listen to some spring music (see above) read, bake
maybe go to the park or just outside if weather allows.
3/27 Kite Flying Day
Make a kite decoration for front door
Make some "kite" snacks.
Take our kite outside if weather allows.
3/29 Cherry Blossoms (31st begins the Cherry Blossom Festival)
We will read a book about it (undecided) and
make a craft using her arm and hand in brown paint and tissue paper
glued on for blossoms.
We'll see how much of this gets done and how much changes as the month goes by.


Heather said...

you have some really great ideas for the month. I may have to "borrow" some of them. LOL

nina said...

All the plans look great. Interesting about lamp skills. I would love to hear if you find out what Princess meant. She must really like doing crafts. Citcat has no interest which leaves me trying to figure out how to have fun. Your plans all look so fun.

When I listed my plans this week. I got the sense that people think I am pushing Citcat which is not the case. All our activities are for fun. I put it out there and if she wants to embrace it, then we run with it. But I must admit in rereading our plans they don't sound fun. She was thrilled to do the flower color changing experiment. She needs hands-on activities that do not seem like crafts. I'm hoping the Spring countdown chain will be fun.

I didn't know about Kite Flying Day. We will need to plan for this one. My husband loves kites.

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Plato said...

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