Saturday, February 24, 2007

Too tired to enjoy the weekend.

That's us.Tired,coughing,tired of coughing.
Princess helped Farmer Dad set up his "seed table"
which means we will need to put her dollhouse
somewhere else. It amazes me how much stuff
we accumulate in any given year.
I have to sort,sell and post on Freecycle soon.
We just have too much stuff.
Too many movies, too many cds, too many toys,too many clothes
and yes, too many books.(never thought I'd say that!)I have books in every
single room in this house.Bookcases, boxes, stacks,
cabinets.They are everywhere. Some I use all the time,
some I'm wanting to read again, some I hope Princess
will want to read one day.I have two piles in my dining room
of Art books that belonged to Poppa. I have boxes that I've been meaning to
Freecycle for awhile, I just have to go through the boxes to make sure there
is nothing in there I couldn't live without.I can hear you laughing.
Some are laughing because they think I'm nuts, some,because they know I'm nuts,
and some because they are in the same boat.
Which are you?


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I love how she's dressed up in a princess dress in her pics. Hmm lt me guess, very girly? LOL I can;t wait for dd to be into girl stuff. Already at 14months she tries to put my lipstik on and blush. :) She watches me in the morning. I always love reading your blog

nina said...

I love the concept of Freecycle and although I read the yahoo group for my area I haven't participated. Good for you for using it. I clicked on the photo to see the books in your stack. I noticed you have several Monet and Van Gogh books. I'm wondering if you have started an artist study with Princess and if so which artist. I'm considering Monet only because there are so many children's books to support such a study. What do you think?

We are in the same boat with books. They are everywhere. I have books in four different sets of cabinets in my kitchen alone. (Do you think I have a problem?) Not to mention all the bookshelves. It's a good problem. :)

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Plato said...

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