Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where did my weekend go?

Sunday is almost over, and all I can think is "where did my weekend go?"
This weekend I had wanted to post about books we have been reading,
and book lovers I have been getting to know and instead Farmer Dad did
something to the computer which meant I couldn't access it to post or read
any blogs. I finally get on and find out whatever he did to "fix" what he did
took away a lot of my saved favorites!
Ugh! He will deny it when he reads this, but I think it was all part of his
"master plan" to get a new computer now that "Vista" is available. ;-)

Princess and I did spend a lot of time moving her room around this weekend.
This included bringing toys down from the top shelf of her closet and putting
others up there for storage. I also got a bag or two of stuff she has outgrown to Freecycle.

This also caused me to clean out my storage cabinet in the kitchen since I found some items

that would be better stored in there.
The picture I'm posting shows her bed with one of
her Nana's quilts on it and her huge "Hello Kitty" pillow. At the end of her bed is the washer/dryer set I picked up this weekend and her dress up bin. Fortunately it all fit
without having to move her "reading nook".


Angela, Mothercrone said...

Princess room is adorable!
I am so glad the still has the reading daughter saw the pic a while back and thought it was the coolest!
Those weekends feel good though, don't you think? I like when I am able to go through things and get organized. Unfortunately, I am the only one in a house full of clutterbugs, so I do this more than I would like!

nina said...

Princess' room looks great. I love the book rack. I still want to get one for Citcat. Like the washer & dryer as well. I saw one at the thrift store a few weeks ago for $5. Now I am kicking myself for not buying it.

The quilt is beautiful.

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