Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow crafts

Tuesday we had a lot of fun reading about snow and doing some snow crafts.
We used the books above. Princess had a lot of fun making a "snowman" out of
three paper plates,some pom poms and scrap paper and yarn. Pictures will be posted
on the right hand side with "directions" if you're interested in how we did it.
We also made a picture to go with "Snowmen at Night".
I wanted to do a "melted snowman" craft found on,
but Princess was not interested in it.Instead we did a "tea pot" that started as 4 boxes out of order
that she cut apart and "put back together" in the correct order and then she colored it in.
We also had "gym day" because she really needed some exorcism, I mean exercise.
We cleared the kitchen "school area" of the table and chairs and doll high chair and shopping cart
and I let her "roller skate" for a bit. Then we brought out her "tumbling mat" so she could tumble
and "flip". She also bounced on her mini trampoline and shot hoops for a bit on our 3 season porch.
(Just a side note,the skates,mat,basketball hoop and trampoline were all from Freecycle)

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