Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Farmer Dad!

Today is Farmer Dad's birthday. Princess woke up at 3:30am to
start celebrating.Unfortunately that is about 2 hours before Farmer Dad
gets up for work, so I convinced her to get back into bed and wait for him to
wake up.We snuggled up together in her bed and she wrapped her little
self around me and it was bliss for about 10 minutes until she started
singing "Happy Birthday" to practice for when Daddy got up.
Then she started bed..while lying down...while I was
trying to sleep! I reminded her she could get up when she heard him
get out of the shower. I kept reminding her for 2 hours and finally we heard
the shower turn on. She was out like a shot running to turn on the light
and change her pull up. Then she planted herself in her rocking chair
facing the now open bedroom door waiting to pounce.I pulled the covers over my head and tried to imagine I was alone in the
After Farmer Dad left for work we headed into the kitchen to start his birthday it would be done in time. Princess takes great joy in feeding her Dad
and today was no exception. I set her up on the computer while I cleaned up
and she proceeded to print out some "birthday signs" to color for him.
I'm still not sure how she found them on the site or knew how to print them.
Now we'll make dough for his "birthday pizza".


Angela, MotherCrone said...

Wow! Just imagine how excited she's going to be for her own birthday! I had a few breakfast parties for my son, because he had a habit of not being able to sleep because he was so excited. It worked out great, and he was able to nap in the afternoon!

nina said...

Such a sweet story. Aren't you glad you've captured it in words. I love that kind of excitement. Hope you got some rest last night and that Princess slept in this morning. Your child must be a computer genius. :) I like Angela's idea of a birthday breakfast.

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