Thursday, February 1, 2007

GroundHogs Day!

Today is a preschool day for us and we will be covering "Groundhogs Day".

We are starting off our day reading "How Groundhogs Garden Grew" by Lynne Cherry and that will hopefully move on to Princess planning her own garden and talking more about burrows/hibernation and planning (possibly making)our own burrow.(What would you pack away?) This afternoon we will make a

Groundhog puppet.

I know tomorrow is Groundhogs Day, but it is not a "school day" for us,

so Tomorrow we will go out and trace our shadows.

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nina said...

Your Groundhog lesson sounded wonderful. I completely neglected the day. We had to make a short trip with paperwork for the adoption. I need to get better at preparing for the day. I imagine at the preschool level that it would be best to spend the week prior learning and reading about the day. We love Bear Snores On. Have you have noticed that Karma Wilson has written a Bear book for each season except Autumn. I am waiting for the Autumn book! Also, I adore Lynne Cherry. I just read Flute's Journey: The Life of a Wood Thrush. I highly recommend it. It has a great environmental lesson. I liked it better than the Great Kapok Tree.

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Plato said...

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