Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pancake Day!

This is my morning set up for our school day. The white basket is where I put my
"lessons" for the day including books,crafts supplies we'll need and any worksheets we'll be doing.
I have a cardboard box under my desk where I store my plastic bags for the month.
(My plastic bags hold the book we'll read and any worksheets or craft instructions we'll need.)
Today we are celebrating "Pancake Day".
Our reading will include "If you give a Pig a Pancake"
by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond
and we are doing several print outs from the author's site
I am planning on reading "My First Chinese New Year"
by Karen Katz as well and tying the "Year of the Pig"
into our lesson.We have been "learning" about Chinese New year
all week. I have several crafts lined up for both holidays, but
we'll see how far we get.I try to cover my "subject" over the week
with crafts and music even when we are not having "school"
We are also planning on a "field trip" to our local IHOP for the
free "short stack" when Farmer Dad comes home today.

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nina said...

You are so organized. I've said it before but I need to work ahead. I still feel like all our "lessons" are done by the seat of my pants. It is great how If You Give a Pig a Pancake doevtails so nicely with Chinese New Year. I saw the greeting for Happy New Year written on your white board. That is the saying for Happy New Year in Cantonese which I just learned this morning. I thought you might like this link for the hand gesture that goes along with the saying. The Mandarian phrase is on the same page. We handed out our oranges to some of friends at story time this morning.

Also, the book on cassette for If You Give a Pig a Pancake is marvelous. David Hyde Pierce(from Fraiser) reads the story but there is also two other songs on the tape. One teaches about your right and left foot in a song called the Piggie Polka. Citcat is so funny. When Pierce reads the story he pronounces syrup and envelope differntly from the way I say it. Citcat insists that the way I say it is "not right". She says to me "that is not the way David Hyde Pierce says it", he introduces himself at the beginning of the tape. It just makes me laugh that she is listening so closely.

The author site is so cute. I love the illustrations. I'm going to print off a few things to try.

Here is the hand gesture link.


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Plato said...

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