Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

I came home with far too many books from our local library
this week (did I just say too many books?)
Music over Manhattan
Princess enjoys books about musicians, so this was a must grab from the
library shelf. The illustrations are fun and lively and we had to put music on and
dance around the living room after the first reading.

farfallina & marcel
This story will melt your heart. A caterpillar and a gosling become friends,
until one day everything changes (can you guess?).They find each other again and find they can
indeed remain friends. This is one of those books whose illustrations are just as wonderful as the
story being told with the written word.

Thimbleberry Stories
Very sweet story about a little chipmunk and his friends, both old and new.
My only complaint is that it made us long for spring and picnicking outside in the garden.
Now to dig out some peppermint soap for tonight's bath.

My Mother's Voice
is a lovely book for any mother of a daughter. It is how I wish Princess
to remember our time together. It has warm and beautiful illustrations
which will draw you into the story as surely as the heartwarming text.
I may need to buy this.....

Under the Table
Princess is always under our tables. It has always been like another room in the house to her,
so this book was another "must grab".We have had this book out before, a long time ago
and already had the talk about respecting furniture in the house, but if you have a little one
you should know before hand that the little girl draws all over the bottom of the table and gets in trouble
when it's discovered.

Grandmother Winter
Delightful story about where the snow comes from in winter
and what all the animals and people do to endure the cold of winter.
The art work really captured Princess's imagination.

The Bake Shop Ghost
Princess has been oohing and aahing over this book in between readings.
It is about a baker who dies with no family to leave her shop to.
It gets sold and baker after baker leaves because the bake shop is haunted
by the former owner. Finally a new baker buys the shop and moves in.
The ghost cannot get rid of her and finally tells her that she will leave if the baker can
make her a cake that is
"so rich and so sweet,it will fill
me up and bring tears to my eyes. Ac ake like one I might have baked,but that no one ever made for me."
After trying many, many cakes the baker reads a history of the town in the library and knows what to do.
I will not ruin the ending..read it for yourself, and make sure you have some cake on hand...you are going to want some when you are done reading!

Ramon loved to draw until his big brother makes a rude remark about one of his drawings.
For months he crumples up all his drawings believing they are not good enough.
One day he catches his little sister picking up his "trash" and tries to get it back.
He follows her to her room where he is silenced by the "art gallery" of crumpled drawings
he sees there upon her walls.She points out her favorite and he explains that it was supposed to be a vase,
but that it "doesn't look like one". "Well, it looks vase-ISH!" she exclaimed.
And with that his love of art returns and his ideas begin to flow freely again.

This is a perfect book for any child who believes they cannot draw or paint "well enough"
for it to be worth doing.Another book by the same author that we are enjoying right now is..

So Few of Me
This story of a little boy who has so many things on his " to do " list that he needs
to have "more of himself". He soon finds that there is just more to do.
Cute story that reminds us that we need "down time" as much as efficiency!
We could all use to be reminded of that every once in a while.


Mrs. Darling said...

Grandmother winter captures my interest! I just love childrens books but it seems there's never enough time to read as many as Id like to the kids. And often Im more excited about the book than they are!!

Sara said...

We liked Grandmother Winter. And I'm going to check out all these other books from the library. Once again, thanks for the book posts.

Cher Mere said...

wow those are great reviews. I wish I could get to the library...

amanda said...

We're headed to the library tomorrow, so thank you very much for this post! The caterpillar and duck one sounds promising for Ivo, and a few of the others, too.

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