Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
in New York City in 1872.
To celebrate they have been having a lot of fun family activities, and free family passes.
We were thinking of bringing Princess, but the weather is colder and
snow is headed our way supposedly, so we are going to pass. Farmer Dad also has a
rare (for him) cold which doesn't make plans of heading into the city any more enticing
to him.Instead, we will read books (see sidebar) and pour over the web site.
Princess often enjoys this section on the site, explore/justforfun .
I think next year we will definitely plan a trip in, but I think it would be more hassle and
aggravation this year than enjoyment for Princess, so we will hold off.

I will try to make it as fun for Princess as Yesterday was with her homeschool group's open play date.
We were the only family to attend (it is held at another member's house) and the girls had a lovely time
playing dress up, building with blocks and playing everything from board games to computer games together.
The play date before this Princess got a book on tape recommendation from the daughter (they are the same age)
and we had picked it up from the was cool to hear them discussing it together as they played.
I had a lovely couple of hours talking about homeschool plans with the other Mom over a cup of coffee.
We came home for lunch and played and did some math and reading worksheets until Farmer Dad returned
from work for tea. Princess helped me get dinner ready and played computer games for a bit before we ate.

I will try to upload pictures later of any crafts or fun stuff we get done.


Cher Mere said...

That is so cool that you are close enough to drive into New York.

Your homeschool meeting sounds really good. Those one on one times can be very nice.

I hope Farmer Dad gets better soon.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks too!
NYC is only about 35 minutes away
from us, but between gas and tolls..we think twice before driving in and P is not crazy about the train. I'm sure as she gets older we
will do it more. :-)

Patience said...

I always find it hard being a good parent and staying home when going out to some fabulous event would be a bad idea. I usually end up going - and regretting it later!

I hope your dh feels better soon.

amanda said...

Awesome link! I would love to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art someday. I've never even been to NYC before.

Your playdate sounds nice. I love the idea of an "open" playdate. Sounds so welcoming!

Mariposa said...

I like that website too. Wow, you are very close to NYC. I didn't realize that.

Angela said...

Oh, the Met! How we love it! I have to agree with your call though on waiting. I did not enjoy it nearly as much when they were really young, as they tired easily, and it is SO huge. I would hate to leave with only 1/3 explored!
Hope Farmer Dad recovers quickly, at least before the snow Friday!

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Plato said...

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