Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Book post on a Wednesday night.....

Backyard Bear , is another great book by Anne Rockwell.
Princess and I enjoyed this book about a bear who wakes up from his winter
hibernation to find a neighborhood where trees once were. He begins to eat from the
garbage cans etc and the game warden takes him up to a new home filled with acorns and nuts and a small
cave for his long winter sleep.The author even explains some ways to keep your yard less tempting to black bears in the back of the book.

I Heard It From Alice Zucchini poems about the garden
we had to pick this one up when we saw it on the library shelf,
we are all thinking about the garden right now.

Duck at the Door we loved this book! Funny!!
All the pets are hanging out one winter night, when there
is a knock at the door.Naturally, they wake up the woman
of the house to see who it is. Can you guess? A lot of fun e

Steamboat Annie and the Thousand- Pound Catfish
Princess loved this tall tale! Especially the idea of a town where
everyone sings all the time.
Those of you who know her "in real life" will not be surprised by this.
Apparently, this stubborn and ornery catfish named Ernie did not wish to
live in such a town. He hated the singing so much that he started eating boats!
Steamboat Annie takes care of it..despite a slimy cheater named Jefferson Jackson.

The Scarab's Secret is worth picking up for the art alone.
This is a really well told tale of how the scarab beetle came to be honored
by the Ancient Egyptians.Princess has long been fascinated by this period,
so this was a "must pick".

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read
Clearly I had to bring this book home. ;-)
This book is for all the Moms who have no time
to read. There is hope and your winter will come.
Princess absolutely loved all the Australian animals
pictured in this book.


Jenny said...

We LOVE Anne Rockwell, but I don't think we've read the Bear book yet. And I'll definitely have to check out the Old Woman Who Loved to Read- books and Australian animals sounds right up our alley.

Mrs. Darling said...

I havent read any of these. Guess I better get started!

Heather said...

Great books. I need to check out some. We got the duck at the door. Loved it to.

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Plato said...

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