Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank You

Another award? Mom Unplugged has given us another award and
now we want to share it with all our friends too!
If you are reading are entitled to put one of these on your
blog! And one more thing...((BIG HUGS)).
I started this blog to more easily
share pictures with the online preschool homeschool group
that I belong to.
I never imagined the world it would open up for me (literally)
or that I would come to think of so many of you as my friends.
Thank you for visiting and commenting, for sending me book suggestions
and great links.Thank you for e-mailing me with helpful advice and
for just reminding me that not only am I not alone, but I am amongst friends.


Mrs. Darling said...

What a cute award. I notice you keeppup on your shelfari shelf better than I do! I need to update mine.

Anonymous said...

A well deserved award! Thank you for being a great friend. It's always great to get an email or a post from you.

Mariposa said...

Congratulations! I love all the neat childhood activities you do and you inspire me to do more with Ami.

chanale said...

That's so sweet!

Kate in NJ said...

Mrs D- I've decided to do it once a far it feels doable.
N- Same here.
M- (HUGS) That feels like such a huge compliment coming from inspire me so much!
C- ((hugs)) So are all my readers!

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My homeschool buddies and I are all posting pics of our "home schools" as part of our idea sharing.

Plato said...

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