Friday, February 22, 2008

Now it's more like freezing rain.....

Oh well, Princess and I did get to play outside in the snow for a little while today.
After breakfast we played inside a bit, some button crafts,reading,dolls,bead necklaces,
she did many,many worksheets simply because she wanted to.
She practiced writing her full name, and sang and danced for me.
We enjoyed some "maple snow".
Can you see who did not like being left inside?
We baked a cherry pie for George and had lunch and played outside
for a little more until it started to rain on me (I can not find any of my 200 hats)
so we came back inside.
Now it's just getting really yucky out!Farmer Dad got out of work early,
so they are on the porch trying to identify the birds at the makeshift feeder
we set up today. They are also playing some basketball.
She loves this time of day with her Daddy and has been enjoying having him
to herself again now that Little Man has stopped coming to our house.


Mrs. Darling said...

I love beads. You cant have too many beads in my book! Looks like a lovely day to stay indoors there!

Frankie said...

Princess makes the snow look like fun -- almost! ;-) Glad she got to play in it for a bit, at least.

And do you think that she could teach my son the idea: Do many worksheets because you want to?

I'm green with envy over that.

Cher Mere said...

maple snow? Is this good? sounds interesting...

I like the big wheel in the snow. *grin*

Naomi said...

next snowfall, i'm dropping the peanut at your place. i won't play in the snow. of course, I won't drive in it either so...

my hvac guy vanished but the kitchen is still moving along.
discovered a bad wall, which means new windows, siding and a roof. yeeesh.

Mariposa said...

It looks like it was a nice day.

We have the Stranger in the Woods. Ami read Tracks in the Snow in the bookstore and it is a very sweet book.

Angela said...

I love playing in the snow, even still! I guess we were far enough north of you to get just snow, 6 inches of it! We are told we will get freezing rain today though...
Enjoy the bead time...I have a shoebox full of necklaces the kids made me over the years, and I just can't part with them!

Heather said...

Sometimes I really do miss the snow. Then again there is something to say about being able to wear shorts and t-shirts year round.

Brit said...

I wish it would snow here again. We have been teased by the weather report every week, including today's. It says one inch. But it won't happen, so I will look at your pictures and enjoy how fun it looks like P had. You have 200 hats??!! =)

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Brit..maybe not that many, but
I have many of them and I cannot lay my hand on even one of them..LOL.

Thank you all so much for visiting
and may you all have fun with your families today and always!

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