Sunday, February 3, 2008

Plans for February 2008

This is a bit of what my lesson plan looks like for this month.
Keep in mind that I don't "plan" for every day of the week, we leave
"space" in our week for play dates, "field" trips and just hanging out
under a blanket fort. ;-) Also, if Princess is not interested in a theme, we just move on.
  1. Monday 2-4-08 First U.S.Presidential Election (1789) we will read Arthur Meets the President and Vote and talk about the NJ Primary which is Tuesday.
  2. Tuesday 2-5-08 Mardis Gras/ International Pancake Day we will be reading If You Give A Pig a Pancake and The Greentail Mouse and do some "pig" worksheets and go out for pancakes as well as some fun mask crafts.
  3. Thursday 2-7-08 Chinese New Year (and Farmer Dad's B-day)we have many crafts and we will be reading Happy New Year,Chinatown,D is for Dragon Dance.
  4. Friday 2-8-08 Hershey's Chocolate Founded 1894 we will be celebrating this a day early with some fun crafts and reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolatina.
  5. Monday 2-11-08 Steamboat patented 1809 /Thomas Edison's Birthday we will be concentrating on the steamboat this year as we did T.E. last year and the steamboat theme appealed more to P. We will read Steamboat! and Robert Fulton from submarine to steamboat.
  6. Tuesday 2-12-08 Darwin and Lincoln's B-day we will be reading Evolution and Abraham Lincoln.
  7. Wednesday 2-13-08 The first Public School was founded in the US in 1635. We will celebrate by staying in our jammies and having fun at home.
  8. Thursday 2-14-08 Valentines Day and Read to Your Child Day we will be having fun and reading many "Love Day" books I will post about on the Tuesday 2-12-08.
  9. Friday 2-15-08 Galileo's B-day/Susan B Anthony Day I was not happy with any books I could find on these two- way above P's head and not fun at all, so we will probably mention and move on.;-) Saturday is the anniversary of the Opening of King Tut's tomb in 1923, and P is very into the whole subject of ancient Egypt and mummies etc, so we will have fun with that with Great Ancient Egypt Projects and Discovering Tut-ankh-Amen's tomb.
  10. Monday 2-18-08 President's Day and Pluto discovered in 1930 we will read the president's books again and hopefully I will find something good on Pluto.
  11. Wednesday 2-20-08 Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in NYC 1872 we will be reading You Can't take a Balloon into the Museum and A Children's Guide to the Met.
  12. Thursday 2-21-08 is National Sticky Bun Day, so we will try to make some.
  13. Friday 2-22-08 Washington's Birthday (1732) we will be reading George Did It and George Washington.
  14. Monday 2-25-08 QUIET DAY. I will try to have a quiet day here with no electronic media of any kind.We will read Peace at Last and make a blanket fort.
  15. Tuesday 2-26-08 Grand Canyon National Park was established in 1919 /Tell a Fairy Tale Day we will try to get to a local park and talk about how much we need them and tell some fairy tales of course.
  16. Wednesday 2-27-08 Polar Bear Day we will be reading Cold Paws Warm Heart and I love You with All My Heart and doing some fabulous crafts.
  17. Friday 2-29-08 LEAP YEAR DAY we will have something fun..but it will be a surprise.;-
I will post craft info for the week on Sunday this month so you can get things ready in advance if you want to join in,all books we will use are on the right side bar .I will also provide additional links when possible (you know how I love a good link).


divinagrace said...

Busy, busy. Have a fun month!

divinagrace said...

I also meant to say, come on over and see my recent post!

Mariposa said...

On my blog there are links to the Lowell Observatory where it was discovered. Ami and I went to see the observatory in the autumn. It was an amazing process; the person who discovered it grew up on a farm and was an "amateur" that had not yet been to college. He had to look at a vast amount of timed photographs that look like thousands of black, gray and white dots. SInce this was way before computers, I found the process absolutely amazing.

The observatory maintains it is a planet, but a very small planet; it was simply reclassified to a lesser ranked planet.

Angela said...

Excellent ideas! It is so good to see I am not the only one who suffers from obsessive planitis!

I am always a little envious of all the fun you have, as we seem more trapped in the house than ever with academics!

Cher Mere said...

These are great! Maybe we will be able to do some of these too when we are in Los Angeles.

Angela H said...

Love how you will celebrate #7! Classic!

Anonymous said...

It occured to me as I read this list that your approach and focus on celebrating speical days in history is a great introduction to so many interesting events and people in history. I mean really, how many kids learn about Darwin and Galileo in the same month.

You are doing a great job.

Two book suggestions. For Susan B. Anthony you could use A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women. (I know it is written by Lynne Cheney but it was illustrated by the same women who illustrates the Fancy Nancy books.)
There is a small bit about Anthony in the book. Anthony made it possible for so many women to go on and lead amazing lives. The book is really fun to look at.

Also, we have the most wonderful book from the library entitled Alphabet of Space(Alphabet Books) by Laura Gates Galvin. There isn't anything about Galileo but we've learned so much from the CD that is with the book. It's awesome. Citcat now insists that she wants to be and astronaut and she can name all the planets.

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Plato said...

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