Saturday, June 16, 2007

The weekend

Friday found us reading a few new library books that I picked up before I met some Moms from our playgroup
for a "Mom's Night Out",and having a relaxing morning of changing
the bed linens and making a food shopping list while Princess played with her felt board.
Our friends called as we were painting in the bathtub,and asked us to meet them at a
relatively local McDonalds to play in the very large play area there.We did.
Princess had fun playing with her friend and some other kids that were there.
She also got "punched" in the eye coming down the slide. It was an accident, she is fine,
but it was alarming to hear her crying from inside the playground- that just doesn't happen often.
A few minutes and a trip to the ladies room later and she was back playing.Very resilient our little Princess.
I promise to post about the new books on Monday morning after getting a good idea of our likes and dislikes.
Today we have a lot of house related chores to take care of and I must figure out a way to combat the
BEAST FROM HELL, groundhog that is getting into our garden and eating all my cucumbers and peas!!
We like to have our yard feel more natural and let the little beasts feel at home, but he's crossed a line now
and is hitting my green beans!!Have a lovely day and if you know how to prevent this little beast..please comment!
I'll post some pictures from our day including how I found her when I returned home after my MNO.The harmonica is pretty much a constant most days, she loves to play it!


Mariposa said...

I forget which garden pest my grandfather did this for, but he completely buried a chicken wire beneath the ground. I don't know much about groundhogs and how deep they will go and if this work.

He also had catch and release traps. These were allowed, but I think I recall only racoons in them.

Chicken wire above the ground works for the rabbits.

Unfortunately, he died a couple of years ago so I can't ask him. He gardened up until his death at 90.

Kaber said...

Bad Groundhog! The burried Chicken wire sounds fun, though.

Ouch! about the eye. Manuel had a black eye kast week.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks M- We have not been using chicken wire, trying to make it safer for P, and our groundhog is climbing over the fence..we're thinking of going "electric".
K- P was lucky and didn't actually end up with a black eye, although it looked like she would at first.

Cher Mere said...

Your pictures are so pretty of Princess. Sorry about her eye!

Brit said...

She looks so sweet sleeping on the couch! Sounds like she had a big day, glad she didn't get a black eye.

Patience said...

My mother had problems with possums and wallabies in her garden, so she arched the chicken wire right over the garden so it was completely enclosed.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Cher & Brit !
P- I have been joking with Farmer Dad
for years that he should enclose the whole thing, but the doves like to
sleep in the "beaten down" paths in the morning.

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