Friday, June 1, 2007

And so June begins...

Princess is sleeping in and I'm trying to put together some "craft bags"
for those times when she needs a distraction while I get housework or cooking done.
I've decided to take it easy over the summer months and cut our "official school days"
out. I will still have plans ready to go if she gets tired of not "doing school", but I'm not
going to push. Today is Oscar the Grouch's B-Day, and Dinosaur Day...we hope to have some fun
with this later on after we run a couple of errands that have been put off while we did without a truck
for two days.There is a great episode of Sesame Street about Oscar's B-Day on demand from our cable company that Princess enjoys watching and we have a "Dino" bag ready to go for when the mood strikes.
We also have many "around the house" things to get done, like the ever present laundry and changing of
the bedding (which makes more laundry).I will post some of the craft ideas when I get it all together
a bit later today.
Now in the words of Oscar the Grouch,"Have a Rotten Day!"


Angela, MotheCrone said...

You are reading my mind again! I used to do craft bags when mine were little!!! I decorated an old milk crate with tons of left-over ribbon bows and funky pins, and we called it our "Craft Crate."
They loved it!!! The perfect thing for the summers!

Kate in NJ said...

Angela, LOL! We love our craft bags too! I haven't gotten around to decorating our box yet.;-)

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My homeschool buddies and I are all posting pics of our "home schools" as part of our idea sharing.

Plato said...

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