Saturday, June 23, 2007

The First Weekend of Summer!!

The weather has been beautiful today, sunny,breezy, just warm enough.
The three of us weeded the garden and flower beds. Princess played
with her doll house under the shade of the plum trees while Farmer Dad and
I hung more fascia boards. We ate our lunch and dinner outside and read and rested
and played on the swing set. Farmer Dad has the fire pit ready to go when it's dark.
We are going to toast marshmallows and look for fireflies.
We wanted to camp out, but the tent we could find is no good and we can't find the new one
we never used that Farmer Dad got from work for an anniversary gift, so we will "camp in"
in our living room.I will post pictures later. I think I have my camera software problem solved.


Brit said...

Riley does that same thing, gets her doll house out and plays in the shade. I love summer for that and so many reasons. Happy summer from the West Coast! (But soon to be East Coasters as well...)

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Summer to you too Brit!
It will be nice when your on the East Coast!

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