Monday, June 4, 2007

Many Books on Monday!!

I have too many books to read and write about and not enough time to do it all in.
I picked up a couple of Nina's suggestions, like Lentil and Elena's Serenade and Raising Dragons.
I have been working on my "loose plan" for the month and found tons of books to go with my plans!
This week we will be covering : Monday:Birthday of Socrates and Aesops
for which we will read Wise Guy the Life and Philosophy of Socrates by M.D. Usher and Pictures by William Bramhall
A Sip of Aesop by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Karen Barbour
I love what Jane Yolen says about this book:
Aesop was an ancient Greek
And spoke no language I can speak.
So I have put his tales in verse
With hope I haven't made them worse.

In Prose or rhyme
There is a moral:
Aesops Aeppeals
In print-or oral.
Princess thought the art work very cool!

Tuesday:Hot Air Ballon Day
Fire and Silk flying in a hot air balloon by Neil Johnson
I think this will be a little bit dry for Princess, but it does give a lot of great information about hot air balloons.
We will be making a few crafts to make this topic more "fun".
Wednesday: Yo Yo Day Slim and Jim by Richard Egielski is a book about a homeless rat and a kind young mouse who learn to rely upon their faith in one another and their yo-yos.Princess really likes yo-yos,
but I am not sure this book will hold her interest. She prefers more rhyming if a book is this wordy.
Thursday is Chocolate Ice Cream Day and Daniel Boone Day so we will read
Daniel Boone by Laurie Lawlor
I do not think this is a great book for us, but I will use the info in it to explain about who he was
to her.
Friday: Jelly filled Donut Day...I could not find any books about jelly donuts or with jelly donuts in them,
so we will just try to make some jelly donuts. If that doesn't work, we'll be hitting the drive thru at our local Dunkin Donuts! Maybe we'll write our own "jelly donut" book.

We also picked up a couple more just for fun:
In Our Backyard Garden poems by Eileen Spinelli and pictures by Marcy Ramsey
I can only quote from the bookjacket

In this backyard garden,
each memory is harvested
like a giant orange pumpkin,
each hardship is weathered
like a sudden winter snowfall,
each relative is nurtured
like a fresh,fragile sapling,
and love blossoms like flowers
all year round.

How to Bake an Apple Pieand see the world by Marjorie Priceman
I had to pick this book up,based on the cover art alone. It even has a recipe for apple pie in the back.
The art is fabulous and who could resist turning the page on.."Making an apple pie is really very easy.
First you get all the ingredients at the market. Mix them well,bake and serve.
Unless, of course, the market is closed."
The Three Questions based on a story by Leo Toltsoy which is written and illustrated by Jon J Muth
came up next to another search, and I had to pick it up as well.
Princess and I have been discussing her behavior and trying to learn the right way to act quite a lot lately.
Who knows where this book will lead us.The watercolors alone are worth checking this out.
This leads us to Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth
which is the book I was looking for after reading a review in a parenting magazine.
This book is described by the author as "short meditations-ideas to puzzle over-tools which hone our ability to act with intuition.They have no goal,but often challenge us to reexamine our habits,desires,concepts, and fears."
And as Socrates once said,"the unexamined life isn't worth living".


nina said...

Wow, love the new header!

Great book reviews. I book marked the Socrates and the Aesop books. They look great. I love John Muth. I hope you enjoyed Lentil and Raising Dragons.

Did you see this post and poem at Dishpan Dribble. I like the poem for the purpose of teaching manners. I can't seem to find a book that "I like." Here is the link. The poem is at the bottom of the post.

Kate in NJ said...

Princess loved Lentil- she carries
her harmonica everywhere some days.
I enjoyed that poem too- I sometimes
meander over there from your blog.
Thank you- I did a tomato pic on my Garden Blog header, and P wanted
one here, she picked the picture
of roses in our front yard.

Mariposa said...

I love your chalkboard.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks M.!
Hopefully my DH will
hang on our wall this weekend.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I like that Apple Pie book. Haven't read it in years. :)

I came from 5 minutes for mom after reading your comment- I used to live in Bergenfield (don't know if that's near you or not) and I have a four year old daughter I'm homeschooling too.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Love the chalkboard Kate. I wish I had room for something so big. Wow schooling will be so fun now.!!!! I can just see P loving it and now really calling you teacher. LOL

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Plato said...

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