Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thunderstorms and The Deadliest Catch.....

The bad news is the thunderstorms that rolled in last night woke Princess
up at 2am, the good news is we got to see the episode of The Deadliest Catch
that we missed. We love that show..not sure why.
Seeing what they were dealing with weather wise did make us feel like we were
pretty high and dry.We slept in a bit this morning to make up for it.
Still raining this morning, ruined our plans for a swim in our friends pool,
but made for a cozy morning at home with a pile of books and our play food.
Princess has been on a "cooking" spree lately, she really loves to pull all her play food out and
tell me what everything is and how it grows, and how she is going to prepare it.
Maybe we'll make a pizza for dinner today since it is a bit cooler than it has been lately,
although for some reason I could really go for some Alaskan King Crab.....


Mariposa said...

Ami likes the Deadliest Catch, funny she is watching it right now.

Brit said...

We are "Catch" junkies too, and loving that "Man Vs. Wild" has started up again. I am grateful that there is so many shows we can watch as a family that aren't just fluff and comedy.

Kate in NJ said...

Glad to hear we're not alone,I've been told it's weird that we watch.

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