Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday ....

Yesterday was almost too hot to enjoy being outside,
unless your Dad puts the sprinkler on for you after picking green beans and working in the yard all day.We had no ice cream, so we made pudding pops instead.
After the splashing, we had a nice dinner of lettuce wraps
and then an early night for a change, Princess was so tired!
This meant that she was up at 4:30am today of course, so we've fed the birds,
put some stuff out to freecycle and did a load or two of laundry after a nice bath
and now we are coloring and playing with our new chalkboard.
Here are some pics


nina said...

Oh, the chalkboard is wonderful. Did you get it from Freecycle?

Is that P's handwriting? I'm so stressed about the fact that Citcat cannot write letters. This all stems from the fact that she is so unwilling to color. Arg....How old was Princess when she started writing?

Kate in NJ said...

Nina-Yes, the chalkboard came from Freecycle.
The alphabet running along the top is mine as are numbers 1-20..all the rest is P.
I will post a pic of what she wrote
so you can see how she writes.
Princess has been scribbling since her first birthday or so. She has always felt a need to get her ideas

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