Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Value of my time

OK, the funeral is set and the family is arriving from all over the country,
and we are all gathering to say goodbye to Poppa and help Grandma get
through this. I keep getting the "you can do ______, because you're at home..so
you have the time" . EXCUSE ME???????
I'm ready to boil over and just tell them to stuff it, I understand I have more flexability than someone who works, but I do have things to do.
I also am not getting paid to attend said funeral.......thank you very much.
OK enough griping about that.
Princess and I have been talking about Poppa and she picked out her favorite
picture of them together.I will try to post it here.

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Angela, mother crone said...

I am glad you hve been able to talk with your about it. SOmetimes just being able to ask questions and get some hugs is all a child needs.

I am with you on the assumption that we just sit around all day doing nothing. Ii used to constantly be assumed that I could run everyone to doctors or errands and my house was open to drop by at any hour. I had to work hard to set limits and make them realize that our days are not free from work.

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Plato said...

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