Saturday, January 20, 2007


Princess's favorite day of the week is Saturday.
Just knowing that Farmer Dad will be in the house
when she wakes up makes her happy!
Today we slept in a bit and then we watched Tyler
cooking on TV....YUM.
Princess went with her Aunt to breakfast and Farmer
Dad and I went in search of comfortable shoes.
We each found a pair at DSW and then I found a really
cute pair of garden clogs for Princess for $5.00.
Still in search of some wool felt clogs, we headed over
to pick up Princess and on down Rt 1 to another DSW.
They had nothing, so we went next door to Chevy's
for lunch instead. On the drive home we saw about
10 Turkey Vultures on the side of the highway eating
a deer carcass. They were huge!
Now we're trying to rest
up for a birthday party this evening.

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