Monday, January 22, 2007


Mondays are about rest and relaxation for Princess and me.
This week we really needed it.
Farmer Dad headed off to work and we headed to the couch to
snuggle up and watch Strawberry Shortcake .
Princess helped me make pancakes for breakfast and then we did a little bit of laundry before heading back to her room to listen to some music.
I was able to back up some of our photos onto discs while she colored
and played next to me in the kitchen.


Nina said...

Thanks for the music recommendations. I'm going to order the susan salidor cd from the library. I love easy restful days. We don't have activities on Monday and Friday. I really look forward to the quiet easy days at home. We like Laurie Berkner as well. Check my blog for two CD that we are listening.

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Nina,We first found Susan Salidor at the library, but we had to buy it
because our DD cried when I had to bring it back! lol
We do try to expose her to a wide variety of music styles and I bring home one or two cds from the library every week. Some we never listen to after the first,
and some never come out of the cd player until they need to be returned. I can't wait to check out
your blog again.

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