Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poppa's Easel

Today we spent some time with Grandma as most of the friends and family who traveled into town for Poppa's funeral have packed up and left again.
Because Grandma wanted them out of the way,Farmer Dad helped me pack up Poppa's easel and art books and put them into our truck so Princess will have them to remember her Poppa.
She has been talking to everyone about him and was a huge part of the funeral,
asking loudly "Do they know Poppa is dead?"
"What are they doing that for?" "Why is he in that box?"
Yes, she saw the casket with her Poppa in it. Went right up and said "Goodbye
Poppa, I miss you already" just about broke my heart.
I thought I could keep her away from the actual casket, but she needed to see everything for herself. She insisted on bringing her framed picture of her and Poppa taken just a couple of weeks ago on his 79th birthday.
The lady at the funeral home got her a nice column to place it on.
Two young men from the Navy did a wonderful job presenting my Grandmother with the flag that graced his casket while another played TAPS.
The state AMVETS office re-named his post after him.
It was very moving to see how many people were glad to have known him.

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Jolene said...

Im sorry for your loss Kate. Some people are just better more pain know that. Keep in touch and if u need anything...Hollar. Praying for your family.

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