Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturdays are for FAMILY FUN !

Saturday morning is Princess's favorite time of the week.
She wakes up and goes off in "search of" Farmer Dad.
Depending on the weather he may be in the garden already
or tending to some repair or just off for coffee and donuts.
Today I made coffee and my own version of a "sausage mcmuffin"
using veggie sausage because I need Farmer Dad healthy enough to
keep on working for many more years if I'm going to homeschool.
We spent some time putting away the art supplies we brought home
from Poppa's house on Friday and then we watched some tv and
colored for a bit. After lunch, Princess wanted to do a craft, so I dug
into my craft bags and pulled out a Humpty Dumpty craft I had
prepared for her.Humpty Dumpty is her favorite nursery rhyme/poem.
She repeats it over and over. She had a good time and made a nice finished product (although that is never the goal I start out with).We'll hang it on our
hall door that we use like a "bulletin board" for our school projects.
I will post a link to the site I got the project from in case anyone is interested.

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Nina said...

The craft link is wonderful. The wire heart that uses odds and end jigsaw puzzle pieces looks like fun. I may try and use the puzzle piece idea in a more free form way. I wonder what age kids can do these projects unassisted. I never consider doing craft projects because of Citcat's disinterest and her age. There is often a very nice craft at story time. I watch (as well as particiapate) in the struggle to put the craft project together to look like the finished project. At home we are just doing free form. I received so many wonderful comments about doing art work. We are working with different textures and just messing around. I imagine by the time Citcat is Princess' age we will be able to make some directed crafts.

My dd refers to Saturday and Sunday as the days Daddy "stays home". The door is a good idea for a bulletin board for art projects. Right now we are using the fronts and sides of the kitchen cupboards. It's a bit of a hodge podge mess.

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Plato said...

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