Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bad,late night.....

Last night was a very late night filled with crying,screaming and serious meltdowns...and that was just the parents.
It would be funny if it hadn't just happened here.
Princess just could not or would not wind down and go to sleep last night.
She actually threw toys at me!! It was like one of those awful Super Nanny episodes that you watch to see people with children who behave worse then
your own.(ok my guilty pleasure is- that's why I watch)
I could not get her settled until 1:30 this morning. She is still sleeping right now
and it is almost 10:30 here. I'm really not sure what happened or why,
I just hope it was a "one off ". I'm exhausted!
Today is supposed to be a "preschool" day, but we'll have to see what happens
when she gets up.


Nina said...

The Humpty Dumty craft looks great. You had all the materials prepared and ready to use. I need to start thinking about making some crafts like this ahead of time. A little prior planning couldn't hurt.

I watch Super Nanny to see all those rich people who overindulge their children. It is sad when the tantrum takes place at your own house. We have had our fair share. When our daughter gets over tired she is really nasty. We start bedtime abnormally early so that she is in bed before she is too tired. I have put her in bed at 6:45pm when my dh is out of town. She is an early riser. Some days when I wake early at 5am to do my own thing I can hear her in her room just playing and talking to herself. I have to wonder how early she actually woke.

Take care today.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

We have those meltdowns as well. We had one when we had company. It was like putting a one year old to bed. He was screaming and crying, aghhh. Oh and i looove supernanny as well.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals,
Good to know I'm not alone!!
Last night was a bit better,
but something is up with her
because her behavior is "off".
Kate NJ

AmySue said...

Ohhhh I have so been there Kate! Just keep thinking...."This too shall pass" and before you know it - its over. Then something else steps in! LOL

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Plato said...

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