Monday, June 1, 2009

June already?

Have you been feeling how quickly life is flying by lately?

Is it just me? No time to sit and smell the roses..umm..peonies.
Everything is growing quickly,

gooseberries... and Princesses...

There is much to do here in our little corner of the Garden State,
but for today, I just want to chill.
I will post the monthly plans a little later today..I inadvertently deleted
it when I meant to publish...don't ask how, I really don't know.
If I can get my act together, there will be some exciting happenings.
So, Ya'll come back now..ya hear?


8)(8 said...

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. She does look a little taller.

That's stinks. Sometimes when I do that if I just hit "undo", sometimes a steps back, it is still there if I was using word.

I frequently have a problem with my computer going rainbow when I respond to blogs. I often loose the message, and then have to quit. I try to remember to do it in word first.

Toni said...

yes time sure is flying by, heck its only 6 months till Christmas,lol;-)

Enjoy the month we have taken a break for hte month and will begin school a bit in a couple of weeks.

So much fun and learning happens in the summer.

I know I said this before but I so love coming here to listen to Kermit's song:-)Always perks me up:-)

chanale said...

What do you do with gooseberries other than admire how adorable they look growing there? :)

sarah said...

I came to leave a comment on your post but then read what someone else wrote - only six months until Christmas - and all my thoughts scattered to the wind!

Mrs. Darling said...

Love these pics. Your header is wonderful!

Cher Mere said...

Princess is growing. So is Zoe! so bittersweet.

Forte said...

Aww!We'll come and chill in the garden!!!! Those trees look mighty tempting:D You have an awesome back yard, and it looks like you'll have a great summer!! :D

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

oh...i hear ya! life seems to go faster and's already mid-june....sheesh! it makes my head spin....seriously!

i feel like i don't have time for so many much to do, so little time, right?

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Plato said...

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