Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you ready for Summer?

We are getting ready here in our little corner of the Garden State.
We have been cleaning up our filled to bursting basement, so we can hang out down there
should it get too hot. We had a yard sale this weekend, only 4 hours while we weeded
and mowed the lawn etc. Made about $10.00/hour and got rid of a ton of stuff!
Stuff I didn't think would sell at all, sold. They were already in the garage, because
I had them listed on Freecycle. Nobody responded to the free offer, but people
were willing to come pay me $1.00 or $2.00 for them.LOL
Stuff I thought we should sell, didn't get a look. It all depends on your shopper.
I didn't advertise, because I didn't think we would go through with having the sale.
Next yard sale will be a whole lot of kids stuff. I will advertise in advance.
That stuff always sells.
I will also have my bro-in-law make me signs in Spanish for my next sale.
So many people that buy at my yard sales speak Spanish, it would make it easier for them.
They are my favorite customer by the way, the Spanish speaking customer. They never say.."don't you have (fill in the blank with anything you can think of)..?"
They always say "Hello" and "Please and Thank you". They never look at your stuff and say
"You don't have anything here I want!" Seriously? They do not ask if you will take less then the $1.00 you are asking
for the shirt (with tags on it marked $40.00)in their hands. They do not say, "I would never
buy dishes someone else had used already." Really? Why are you at a yard sale?
These were adorable vintage Corelle by the way..the family that scooped them up were delighted! Okay, the husband was not delighted, but he also didn't mind paying $5.00 for the huge pile of kitchen stuff his wife and Mother in law picked out. It looked to me like he subscribed to the "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" philosophy. Princess spent most of Sunday with my Sister, and our Goddaughter and her fiance. Playing and shopping and eating.
She came home tired and happy, sporting new sunglasses, and sandals, and a bag filled with
other goodies. Oh well, she brought in less than we got rid of, so I guess that is OK.
We harvested peas, and golden raspberries and I made a trip to the library. I will talk more about that Tuesday.
It was a pretty good weekend here. Hope yours was too.Need to go take care of this..

Tomorrow I will be unveiling a special Summer treat I'm hoping you will all enjoy!

((BIG HUGS))KateinNJ


Naomi said...

the bunnies ate all my peas :(

Mon said...

lol @ people wanting to pay. I think we're suspicious of 'free'. Ever see Monty Python's Holy Life of Brian? Makes me think of the gourd scene. lol

Sounds like you're ready for Summer!

Tara said...

Glad your yard sale went well.

I have never seen golden rasberries.... they look yummy.

Toni said...

your peas look so good I love them fresh off the vine so sweet and tender.

Carrie said...

That's how ours usually go, too...things I think should just go to the dump get bought up right off the bat! Things I think people are going to eat up, go to the thrift stores. It's weird. We are hoping to have a yard sale this weekend ourselves! Glad you guys had good luck!
Our garden went Kaput. We are new to this, and it got the best of us, I think. We'll try again, though!

Cher Mere said...

Your raspberries look delicious!

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